Jack of all Trades – 257




Tragically, there was no iceberg or river here. All we had was clear air and wind. There were no ice spirits or water spirits, and so I could not beat the power of the wind spirits. And just like that, the blue colored magic was overwritten.


“Damn it…damn…! I was so close…!”

“It is over! ‘Blast Hurricane. Full Burst’!!”


Daniela usually performed her magic without chanting. It quickly took shape.




The green tornado appeared on the stage. It started off small, however, it quickly expanded to the point where it could swallow up the stage. I didn’t want to think about how many spirits had come to help her. It was clearly above skill level 10, and with such force, it easily sucked up the mist and then swallowed me before I could run.


(Ah, it was just like a comic book…)


It wasn’t every day that a tornado shot you into the air. I had no sense of direction anymore. Such were my thoughts as I was violently thrown around and shredded by wind blades.

Even activating Legs of the God Wolf didn’t help me. That’s how dense the wind and Daniela’s power was.


And so I could not resist. I flew in the air and then plummeted to the ground.




I must have blacked out for a second, the pain in my back was so bad. When I opened my eyes, Daniela was looking down at me.


“How do you feel?”


She was pointing her rapier down at me and had a victorious grin on her face.


“Ah…well…I don’t know…”

“You do not know?”


She tilted her head and the smile was replaced by her usual expression. I couldn’t help but laugh at the sudden shift. It was cute.


“Hehe. It’s weird. I feel really good.”

“You freak…”


She looked put-off, but it was the truth. Perhaps it was weird to feel good about losing. But I had challenged her with everything and lost. It was a good way to lose.

My current best and hers. Neither of us could have done more than we had. As proof of it, I couldn’t even get up. Daniela looked like she would fall at any minute. The fight couldn’t continue.

So there was only one way to end it.


“I surrender. Surrender.”


I did feel a little bad about the people watching. After all, I had obscured a huge chunk of the fight with my mist, and then it had all ended with a tornado. They had no idea what was happening.


Still, it was our fight. And we got what we wanted from it. It was the perfect stage for our little egoistic fight. I was sure they’d forgive us.


It was with such thoughts in my head, that cheers and shouts poured down on us like rain.

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  1. Well, I kinda expected it because even Asagi become stronger but Daniela far more experienced than him.
    Thanks for the chap and stay safe…

  2. That is fucked up he has the best skill in his short sword and using it would make it way more easier for him to use faster strikes since his best stat is agility he didn’t even use niflheim or that thing that pushed his body it’s limit for 5 minutes

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