Jack of all Trades – 273


“I see. We had just been moving towards any monsters we detected. And this is what it looks like on a map.”


The thing we were looking at was quite interesting. It was like we were moving in a circular path while slowing moving towards the center. It wasn’t hard to imagine what that meant.


“There will likely be something in the center. Perhaps the entrance where the monsters are coming from.”

“Yes, most of the monsters I’ve detected have been near the center. It’s like they’re spreading out from there.”


Of course, there were lots of splitting paths, but it wasn’t hard to navigate if you used Presence Detection and carefully chose which road to take. I had been overwhelmed at first due to it being my first time and because of the architecture, so it was a relief. At the same time, I was grateful for Presence Detection. So was Manager…


“Hmm. I really regret not being able to use it. But I never felt the need, as there was always someone in my party who could do it.”

“It’s not hard once you get the hang of it. I learned to do it pretty quickly.”

“Well, I suppose it’s because you had a good teacher who knew what she was doing.”


She had been in a terrible mood, though.


“Rindo. I doubt you would have much trouble learning it and improving. Just do not think too much. Feel.”

“Oh, so you’re gonna teach her now…”


Manager picked it up pretty much immediately. I see. I see. So that’s how it was going to be. As it was part of her job, Lemon was already an expert. You know, she had a lot of experience. Because she’s old. Though, she’d killed me if I called her that.


“Ah, so this is a monster… Hmm, but the thing close by seems a little different.”

“That is a human. You should remember it.”

“Hmm… And there is a monster approaching it.”

“Yes, we’ll have to decide what to do here.”


Help them. Don’t help them. Lemon wanted us to decide together.


“As for me, I think we should help anyone we can.”

“I do not care either way. But there it will be a waste of energy trying to avoid them.”

“I think I want to help. However, we must remember that some people can be terribly ungrateful.”

“Yes, some of the people here won’t be Adventurers…”


Thieves and bandits were also a possibility. After all, this town was now a lawless land. The only people who had remained were some residents, merchants, and Adventurers. Who knew if there had been a guardhouse, to begin with. Well, there probably was, but I doubted they stuck around. In any case, we had a decision to make.


“Well, if it just so happens that they’re bandits, we can just kill them, right?”

“Indeed. Besides, there is not much point in considering what to do when we have yet to even do anything. We should act first.”

“I agree.”



So we decided to help the human close to the monster. 

I had yet to know that it would result in a surprising reunion.

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