Jack of all Trades – 274

Reunion with an Adventurer


We had now walked through the tunnel that was an odd combination of stone and wood for several minutes. Due to the layout, we were able to reach the floor where the humans were before encountering any monsters. Still, if any of them had Presence Detection, they would know we were coming…


“Maybe we should knock first.”

“Monsters wouldn’t knock, so they’d know it was a human coming.”


I thought as we looked at the door that would surely lead to these humans. It would be nice if they would just open it from the other side.

We played rock, paper, scissors to decide who would hit the door. Daniela did rock. So did Manager. And Lemon. I did scissors. By the way, apparently it was some Hero who had popularized this little game in the world.

I glared angrily at my scissors and then adjusted the sword at my belt. I wanted to be prepared in case I was attacked.


“Alright, I’ll go then…”

“Be careful. We do not know what will come out of there.”

“Then why don’t you come too?”

“I will watch over you from here.”



Daniela sent me off with a cool smile. And so I stomped purposefully towards the door. That was when I heard something on the other side. I paused for a second, but there was no point in stopping now. Would it be a snake or a demon…? I sighed, stood in front of the door, and knocked.






“We felt a human presence nearby, and so we came to see. We have no intention of fighting.”


Still, there was no answer. What to do…





I turned around to look at the three others, but they looked puzzled. Apparently, none of them had called to me. Just then, the door in front of me slowly opened. The person on the other side was a man with reddish-brown hair. He looked a lot older than when I had last seen him…


“So it is you, Asagi!”

“Rex! Ah, it’s been a while!”


Rex was the Adventurer I had said goodbye to in Spiris. He’d been the leader of a party I encountered while in the woods. They had been trying to hunt a wyvern. Tank and Danny had been taken down by its breath, and the party was in terrible shape. I helped them and we became friends.


“Ah, wait. There are monsters nearby. We should be quiet.”

“Yes, we’ve been running away from them. Is Daniela with you? Anyway, you should come inside.”


Rex quickly scanned the area. Then he waved towards Daniela and the others and gestured for them to come. Daniela seemed relieved when she saw Rex’s face, but Manager and Lemon still looked cautious.


“It is fine, we know him. An old Adventurer friend.”

“Ah, you are pretty! I’m Rex. An old friend of Asagi.”

“Hmm… Rindo. Nice to meet you.”

“Lemonfrost. Pleased to make your acquaintance!”


They introduced themselves briskly as they entered the room. There was one woman who looked like an Adventurer and two men who looked like civilians. Maybe merchants. So, Danny and Darius weren’t here.


“And you’re as radiant as ever, Daniela.”

“I am glad to see that you are well, Rex. But where are the others?”



Daniela had been wondering the same thing, and so she asked him. Rex started to scratch his cheek uncomfortably. I noticed there was a scar there that hadn’t been there before. It suggested a terrible fight. Perhaps they…


“I split up from them. …You can say, we weren’t quite compatible…”



It made me think of a rock band.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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