Cave King – 23

Chapter 23 – Something happened!?


While Heal was talking to Fule in the tunnels, a battered ship was anchored near Sheorl’s shore.


And from this battered ship, a single boat was sent out towards Sheorl’s reclaimed ground.


Ten strong kobolds were rowing the boat.


And at the boat’s bow, were two kobolds who glared ahead.


One was thin and had fur the color of ash.

The other was muscular and had fur that was brown.

Both wore light leather armor and had scimitars at their belts.


As if to drive them away, the Golems and goblins waited for them on land.


“Who are you!?”


One of the goblins shouted.

However, the kobolds did not answer.


The gray kobold…whose name was Ash, muttered.


“Why are goblins in such a place as this… Haine, is the child really on this island?”


Haine, for that was the brown kobold’s name, nodded.


“Do you doubt me, elder brother? My nose is saying that it is this island and nowhere else. Besides, I can smell the scent of the mother, Her Royal Majesty, as well… No matter how far, I would not mistake it.”

“I see. You do have the ‘Hunter’ crest, after all, so you cannot be wrong. However, from where did these goblins come from? And I see a great stone doll and a spider, and also a half-naked old ma…human.  In any case, we must hope that they are not hostile…”

“…Brother. It is difficult for me to say this, but their smell…”


Haine was about to continue, but Ash saw one of the goblins and raised his voice in alarm.


“Is that Ere, the great warrior from the Berdan tribe!? Why is he here!?”

“Judging by their scent, all of them are from the Berdan tribe…”


Haine said with a dark expression. Ash bit his lip.


“…So, it just had to be our mortal enemies. …Ah, young one. I pray that they did not harm you.”


Ash said as he tightly gripped his scimitar.


Perhaps the young one that they had been searching for had already been killed.

Yes, that was very likely.

And while they had to find out for sure, the Berdan tribe had been their enemies for centuries.

Not once had they successfully negotiated with them.


“Haine…we must do it.”

“I know…”


Ash and Haine made up their minds.


Erevan watched them and licked his axe with a grin.


“Thunder Wind Ash and Roaring Wind Haine… I did not expect to see them here…”


Then Rienna and Baris arrived on the scene.

Baris saw Ash and muttered.


“Is-is that a kobold!?”


Erevan made a fist and nodded.


“Aye. They are Ash and his brother Haine. They are from the Tibris tribe… They killed my sons with those scimitars of theirs…”


Erevan looked like he was about to jump into the water in order to reach the boat as soon as possible. But Rienna and Baris stopped him.


“General. I understand how you feel! But you must not touch them! We must wait for Lord Heal’s instructions!!”

“The Princess is right! If we told them that we properly buried the kobolds, they might…”


It was just when Baris had said this.

Ash and Haine disappeared from the boat.


“Both of you. Stand back!!”


Erevan shouted as he raised his axe into the air.


Other than Erevan, everyone else looked up at the sky to see what had happened. That’s when they saw the two kobolds with their curved swords.




The kobolds were quick. But not quick enough to avoid the swing of Erevan’s axe.


Ash and Haine were thrown into the air. But they still landed as if they were used to it.


Ash muttered as sweat dripped down his forehead.


“Impressive. But he is Ere, the greatest Berdan warrior, after all…”

“…Brother, what should we do?”

“We have no choice… We must fight so as not to bring shame to our tribe. I will fight Ere. You…you can fight the spider. It will not be dishonorable to die against such a foe.”



Haine said as he moved towards Taran, the Cave Spider.

The kobolds on the boat had also unsheathed their swords and were trying to land.


Just then, Ash was about to challenge Erevan again.


But Rienna turned to Erevan and said,


“Perhaps it cannot be avoided now…but, General. Do not kill them!”

“I know… It is a difficult order, but I will try!!”


Erevan said as he blocked Ash’s attack once again.

Axe and sword clashed repeatedly.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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