Cave King – 23


Next to them, Haine’s scimitar was blocked by the four pickaxes that Taran was carrying.

While Haine was fast, Taran was keeping up with expert precision.


And then Taran discharged its webs all over Haine, immediately restraining him.


Furthermore, the other kobolds had fishing nets thrown over them by the Golems and goblins, and then Rienna’s thunder magic paralyzed their bodies.


Ash had his doubts upon witnessing this, but Erevan’s vicious attacks did not give him much time to consider it.


And so their battle continued for a few minutes longer.




When I reached the entrance to the cave, I saw that everyone was gathered at the reclaimed ground.


Fule was with me and immediately asked,


“Wh-what’s going on?”

“There’s a boat. Someone must have arrived. Let’s go.”


Considering the sounds and voices I was hearing, it was possible that they were fighting.

I didn’t know who the enemy was yet, but it was clear that we should hurry.


But it turned out my worries were for nothing.


Because when we arrived, the fight had already ended, and most of the kobolds had been captured.


However, I did see a thin, ash-colored kobold being launched into the air by Erevan.

The kobold tried to search for the curved sword that he dropped, but Mappa had already picked it up.


The kobold saw Mappa looking at it curiously, and his shoulders fell.


“Tsk… So this is the end. Ere, you have defeated me. Take my head and offer it to the sons that fought so bravely…”

“I wish that I could. You have no idea how much. …But I cannot.”



It sounded like these two knew each other?

But the atmosphere was very heavy…


Well, in any case, it seemed that no one had died on our side or the kobolds.


Rienna or Baris must have decided that it would be wrong to kill them.


As I looked around, Rienna noticed me.


“Lord Heal!”


She shouted, and everyone turned to me.

Erevan and the other goblins all went down on one knee.


Of course, the ash-colored kobold looked at my face.


“A hu-human? …The Berdan tribe are kneeling before a human?”

“Ah, umm… I’m Heal. Lord of this island. Who are you?”

“I am… I am called Ash.”


Said the gray kobold who clearly did not grasp the current situation.


It was no wonder.

There were goblins on this island. And a giant spider and golems as well.

And then he learned that the lord was a human.


But it would take too long to explain it all…

Besides, I think I knew the reason that they came here…


One of the captured kobolds spoke to Ash.


“Ah, brother. I can smell the young one…from him.”



I opened the top button of my shirt.

And then the kobold baby’s head poked out.


The baby looked at Ash with a puzzled expression.


“Co-could it be… Is that…”

“It was trapped in a treasure chest that drifted here. You came here to find this little guy, didn’t you?”


I said. And then Ash and the captured kobold stared at each other.

They were crying.


“…The…the little one is alive!! The last child of the Tibris house is alive!!”


The kobolds all looked up at the sky and howled.

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  1. Sadly the “Japanese MC” will likely start to show its ugly head now and Heal will simply forgive those 2 even though they killed the sons of one of his close advisors and are their mortal enemies because “let’s all just be friends” – guess I should’ve expected that considering it’s a Japanese Novel

    • I don’t find ‘forgiving’ them unreasonable. As long as they are ‘nice’ guys and not ‘assholes’. For all we know their war might have stemmed from a misunderstanding or started by an asshole ruler (or seeing the kobolts/orcs are the enemies of goblins might have started before either tribe has existed). Just ’cause they killed each other as soldiers doesn’t mean either of them are evil. As soldiers they might just have fought for what they thought right or simpliy to protect thier kin.
      Sure you shouldn’t forgive genocydal maniacs that just slaughter for fun, but with how the story is going the kobolts are likely not that different from the goblins charater wise.
      Continuing a war simply due to ‘he killed someone I held dear’, will just pointlessly increase losses on both sides (and continue the chain of hatred). Killing them won’t bring your loved ones back, in fact it’ll just increase the guys that wan’t to revenge on you, which is liable to end in you losing more people you hold dear.

      • Yeah, the vicious cycle of an eye for an eye never leads to anything but more dead people on both sides.

        Also, the all seem to have one common enemy: orcs. And they both seem to be on the losing side of that battle so why not join forces?

      • While good points, and many things would be easier if everyone thought the same, it’s not that easy to forgive someone you’ve fought for years. I’m not asking him to execute them, but my current guess is that the Kobold kid will be too “bonded” to MC and refuse to leave with the other Kobolds, and the other Kobolds will then end up staying to make sure it’s taken good care of: They’re currently on a very small island, and because he’s a Japanese MC he can make his followers accept their mortal enemies living right next to them? Granted, it may not turn out this way, but I hope it doesn’t.

      • Sure forgiving them and living with them is hard, but losing more and more people dear to one because of an endless revengechain would be harder.
        They don’t have to forgive them, they just have to get along well enough on the surface so that the next generation(s) get(s) along with each other. If they do that for one generation the ones that killed each ither will have died of other causes leaving future generations without reason to hate each other (unless they told their children of their grudges).
        Doing this if possible would be the logical thing to do, for the sake of their decendans as it leaves them with one enemy less and with a new ally.

  2. I guess the kobolds will live here now. I do hope there’s at least some sort of punishment for Ash and Haine. Maybe not execution since we don’t know if Erevan’s sons that they killed were soldiers or civilians. If they were soldiers then you the kobolds could argue that it is just the hazards of that profession so execution might be too much. On the other hand, Erevan probably wouldn’t be happy if they don’t get some sort of punishment and he is practically the general of Heal’s soon-to-be kingdom. Not giving Ash and Haine some punishment could threaten the stability of the future kingdom. Then again Ash and Haine may just offer up their lives in exchange for their people being allowed to live on the island and it’d probably appease Erevan too.

  3. The last royal alive again? Could it be that an Orc king or emperor has been born and is now starting a mass invasion on the other nearby territories or something?

    Thank you for the chapter and the treat. (^_^)/

  4. I don’t think that MC has the right to punish the kobolds… This novel is taking the wrong turn with all this…

    It was supposed to be an island that even pirates didn’t go near…

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