Jack of all Trades – 51


“Just call Harold. He will come if you tell him that Asagi is calling.”

“Uh, ah…f-fine. However, you will wait here!”


He returned to himself with a jolt before opening a small window to the side of the gate and relaying what I had just said. It only took several minutes for the gate to open and for Harold, the captain of the western district guard, to come out.


“Asagi!! What happened!?”

“Ahh, Harold. Thank god. There was a wyvern in the forest…”

“I heard the story. I was just preparing our men to leave. But come inside now, then we can talk…”


So Harold said, as he lent me his shoulder. And just like that, I was taken through the gate. We went into the guardhouse and I was shown to a small sleeping room. I was allowed to lie on one of the beds, however, I was very confident that I would fall asleep the moment I did that, so I rejected Harold’s offer and sat up.


“There was a report about the other wyvern being sighted. And so some adventurers set out to challenge it…”

“Yes. I went in just as their shield-bearer had been dealt a heavy wound. And once the adventurers fled, I fought it alone.”

“And what happened to the wyvern…?”


Harold looked at me intently.


“I just killed it.”


I made a forced triumphant smile, even though I probably just looked tired.


“…! So you…! Really…!”


He was practically shaking with uncontainable excitement as he looked at me. Seeing him, I couldn’t help but laugh. He immediately followed, and our boisterous laughter echoed in what should have been a quiet sleeping room.


“Ahhh… My stomach hurts for more than one reason…!”

“Damn it, you really do push yourself too hard!”

“But, it’s not like I had a choice. It wouldn’t let me go. It had a look that said ‘I will kill you at any cost.’”

“But even so, it is hardly normal to go and kill it! However, I do like that about you.”

“Hehe… Thank you very much. By the way, what happened to the adventurers?”


I had forgotten to ask about them. I hoped that Rex and Danny were okay.


“Yes, they are being treated at the infirmary in the central guardhouse. The wounds on the shield-bearer were especially deep. But Spiris has very gifted medical magicians. He will not die.”

“That’s a relief. Really…”


It made me feel better about risking my neck to help them. Standing my ground there had given them enough time to escape. I was glad.


“Well then, I will retrieve this wyvern with the men I have gathered. It would be a waste for it to decompose into the soil!”

“Ah, of course. Oh, it would be of great help if you could also inform my partner, Daniela, that I’m here.”

“Yes, that is easily done! And now, you should get treated in our infirmary and get some sleep!”


I guess that settled matters. Harold had helped me once again. We walked together to the infirmary and the magician there used magic to heal the wound on my right thigh. It was the first time that magic had been used to heal me. It felt kind of strange. As someone used to western medicine, it was like getting stitches that left no mark.


Now that I was all healed up, I lay down on the infirmary bed. Ahh, what an awful day. A real adventure. I played back the events of the day in my head as I lay there. I got down from the tree, killed some grass wolves, sensed something big, it was a wyvern…


“I’m happy that I was able to help them…”


My consciousness began to fade. I would rest a little. I couldn’t think of anything once I closed my eyes. And just like that, my mind journeyed off to the world of dreams.

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  1. Best case scenario: worry-rage tantrum that devolves into a makeout session since he’s there and alive and she almost lost him and she’s never letting him out of her sight again.

  2. Thanks for the chapter~!

    Either his waifu is gonna kill him, or he’ll sleep so long the reservation on the young dragon armour expires and someone else bought it, hence he’ll have to settle for the Flash Suit.

    • He solo’d the wyvern, he got almost 60gold for the miscellaneous bits on the first one. He’s gonna drop a brick in his pants when he gets the quest rewards AND materials costs. That tshirt is his.

  3. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Yep! He’s going to get an earful from the wife. Even if she’s not technically his wife. Yet.

  4. I want a side story about his future elf waifu when self-proclaimed side character (MC) fight against wyvern until she hear about MC come back with injured in his body… How she worried and panic about MC and etc. How she will give him a earful of ***** like some waifu, and eventually come to hug him, say she very sad with tear form in her eye…

  5. I know everyone is excited for Daniela’s reaction but… all I want to know is… was the blood washed off at any point? He was covered in Wyvern blood to the degree that the Guard thought he was a monster or ghost. At no point was it mentioned, that the blood was washed off…. so either it wasn’t mentioned or he just went to sleep bathed in drying Wyvern blood. He’s going to smell pretty bad when he wakes up and I really doubt any unofficial waifu is THAT eager to hug their unrecognised husbando.

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