Makai Hongi – 15


Those who were strong became even stronger. Those who were skilled with magic could now use even more magic.

Your lifespan would also increase. Orgres could not even live for a hundred years, but if they evolved into a High Ogre, their lifespan would more than double.


That was one of the reasons that Guden had been Commander for many decades.


“Ahh, but who really knows when one can evolve? If could be tomorrow. It could be the day after that… But I know that it will at least be within the next hundred years.”


“That’s not soon! Hey!”

That was very far into the future. I wouldn’t even live to see it.


“The flow of time is different for me. By the way, what is your name?”

“Commander Golan.”


“Hmm. My name is Elvan. But I was very sure that the ogre Commander went by a different name.”

“It changed recently. It was through Gekokujyo.”


“Oh. So you defeated a High Ogre. Well, that is quite…wonderful indeed.”

“To me, there was nothing wonderful about it. I just didn’t want to die.”


“I see. He did like to charge a lot… Well, I will pray for his soul.”


“No, he’s wounded, but not dead. Besides, we only fought because it was forced upon us.”

It didn’t matter if his neck broke or bent. He would likely be on the frontlines again in a few days. He was a High Ogre.


“It’s a trait of everyone in the Demon World, to want to fight someone strong. You don’t have to hide it.”


“That’s not true. If things continued like that, we’d be forced to charge like idiots over and over again. All my comrades would have died. There’s no other reason I’d go through the trouble and take this annoying job.”


This country was ruled by Lesser Demon King Melvis. Under him, there was a General, Corps Commander, and Commander.

It was the same in every country.


Only four generations could gather power through the orb of control. So only three people could come between the people and the king.


And so from long ago, the person directly below the king was called General, and below that, you had the Corps Commander. And then Commanders like me were below them. Everyone below a Commander was just an ordinary soldier or civilian.


When you thought of it like that, a Commander was a middle manager.

It was the role that was the most painful for your stomach.


“Annoying…? You really are an odd one.”

Old Elvan said. 


Was I really odd? I wasn’t, right?

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