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10 Years After – 29

Family Reconciliation PAGE 2 It was not surprising that Shia was nervous. Goran was the guild’s Grand Master. He was the most important person in the Adventurer’s guild.   “Alright, I’ll go and talk to him first.” “Th-thank you.”   Shia said and bowed. I left the room and walked towards the main entrance. Goran […]

10 Years After – 28

The Vampire Hunter’s Request PAGE 2 Serulis tried to explain after rolling into the room.   “N-no. That’s not what this is.” “What is it then?” “Um…uhh…” “…”   I stared at her. Serulis lowered her head.   “I’m sorry.” “That was not very polite of you.” “Yes. I’m sorry.”   Serulis apologized earnestly. That […]

10 Years After – 27

Shia’s Information PAGE 2 Had Shia returned after properly regaining the honor of her homeland? It seemed too early for her to return. I was worried.   “Shia, are you alright? Have you settled your business?” “There is no need for you to worry. My homeland is a three-hour walk from the capital.” “That’s pretty […]

10 Years After – 22

The Illusionist PAGE 2 As we walked towards our destination, Serulis asked,   “Mister Locke. What kind of monster uses illusions?” “I’m not sure. It’s not something you hear of often.” “Perhaps something like a Nue?” “Nues are mythological beasts. I don’t know if they even exist.” “Really?”   Serulis tilted her head. Nues were […]