Realist Demon King – 12


“I’ve thought about it, but nothing comes to mind. Toshizou, if you betray me, I am lost.”


“Oh? This plan depends entirely on me then?”


“You could say that.”


“You cannot be serious.”


“Perhaps I am just mad. I am but a newborn Demon King. Normally, I should be kissing Sabnac’s ass and groveling at his feet. And yet here I am, attacking him and declaring war. This defies any normal idea of strategy. That is why I will ignore any orthodox methods.”


“…Indeed. It is not so much that you trust me, but that you have no choice.”


“You could say that.”


“At least you are honest. Let me ask you again, will you really prepare the best possible place for me to die?”


“Toshizou, you said that you died under a barrage of bullets in some place called Hakodate?”




“And this army did not even have ten thousand troops, correct? Oh, I shall provide you a much more grand and glorious battlefield. It will be a war so great, that it will split this world into two. A battle that will live forever in this world’s history. And you will be commanding it. You will not face ten thousand bullets, but one hundred thousand arrows.”


“…One hundred thousand arrows, huh? Well, you certainly put Enomoto and Kondo to shame in terms of scale. You will either become the Great Demon King or a swindler, that is for sure.”


“I would definitely prefer the former.”


“Very well. I like that. I am the type who will cut down a general that I do not like. From the back no less. But if you will have me, I will lead your troops. At least on this occasion, I will believe your lofty words.”


“You will not regret it.


And with that, Toshizou stepped back.

He was going to go and organize the troops.

He spoke with eloquence but was also quick to act.

I thought then, that any Demon King would be lucky to have him as a subordinate.


Well, lucky, but also in danger. They would always be close to death. This Hero was probably one of the hardest out there to handle.


I didn’t know any of the other Heroes, but somehow, I was certain of it.

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