Realist Demon King – 43


“On the dying soul, dark words are carved!

Flames of the beginning,

Ultimate flames,

Burn all evil!”


I said. And with that, my body began to burn bright red as magical energy exploded.

It then concentrated into my right hand. What then shot out was as hot as the fires of a dragon.


This spell was called ‘Flare’ and it raised the temperature in the area at a rapid pace. The undead began to burn.


And Sharltar did not escape that light.


“No-no! F-flare? A novice sorcerer should not…”


“A novice perhaps, but no ordinary one. I would not lose to the likes of you.”


“…You! Ashtaroth. My flesh may perish here, but my soul will not. I promise to haunt you. You will be cursed and die.”


“Feel free to do so. But it may be quite a task to claw your way out of hell.”


“…King Eligos remains. He is a Warrior from hell. You will never beat him.”


“Perhaps. But I am counting on beating him through wisdom, and not strength.”


“What a laugh. I look forward to seeing it. I will see you in hell then.”


“Aye, and even in hell, you will not be able to beat me.”


And with that said, Sharltar was swallowed by the Flare and disappeared.

Only dust remained.

Not one speck of his body would be found.

It was a fitting death for such a villain, but the battle was not over yet.


“Demon King, how wonderful! You have killed Sharltar.”


Jeanne said reverently, but there was no time to return the favor.


“The undead are still here. Demon King Eligos now controls them.”


“So we must defeat Eligos?”




“…And so the battle continues.”


“Yes. However, Eligos should arrive here soon. Then the rest of my plan can be put into action.”




Jeanne smiled. She did not know the details, but she had faith in me. And this gave her courage.


There was always a bit of exaggeration in how she felt, but at least it raised the morale of the soldiers.

And so Jeanne and I held off the attacks of the undead.


We had to fight for an entire day after that before Demon King Eligos’s arrival.


He came on a black horse, as if he were some dark prince from hell.

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