Realist Demon King – 85


Gottlieb decided that it was not the werewolf corp, but the humans.


Not only that, but instead of giving it to the mercenaries or soldiers, he gave it to the medical team.

He praised them for saving many lives and said they made the biggest contribution.


Upon hearing this, I was rather impressed with Gottlieb. But Eve did not agree.


“Indeed, the work of the doctors and priests is commendable. But this is a battle, and so it is the fighters that should receive the highest praise.”


“Well, you aren’t wrong. But the battle against Decarbia was quite small, and the reinforcements did not have too much to do. And while the werewolves played a big part in the battle, so did many others. I think it was the right time to acknowledge the contributions of those who work in the shadows every day. The medical team.”


Eve was eventually persuaded. ‘Very good, Master. I hadn’t thought of it like that.’


“Well, it was Gottlieb who thought of it. And I support his actions.”


“However, these violent werewolves do not agree. They are threatening to ‘maul the old man.’”


“People should have more respect for the elderly. Besides, Gottlieb is a ghost. You can’t hit him. Regardless, I must think of a way to settle the matter.”


I put a hand to my chin and thought.

Eve watched me with a chuckle and began to pour me another cup of tea.

I asked her what was so amusing.


“…It just occurred to me that you are always deep in thought. Whether here in the castle or on the battlefield.”


“You’re probably right. I have no time to rest.”


“I suppose the king of strategy must be thinking at all times.”


“Indeed. I was able to bring Kongming into the fold recently, but I would like to have even more. Someone like Sima Yi…would probably not get along with Kongming. There is also Kuroda Yoshitaka, Takenaka Shigeharu, Yamamoto Kansuke, Jiang Ziya, and Yelu Chucai. But perhaps I am focusing too much on the east. Well, in the west, there is not a clear line between a military official and a civil official.”


I muttered to myself. At the same time, an idea came to me regarding the problem at hand.


Eve listened and said,

“Very good. Master, I doubt that you even need another strategist.”


I appreciated her trust, but I didn’t care to have to rack my brain all of the time.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    Maybe biting Gottlieb would be easier if one poured magic power into their teeth, like how the beastkin girls from Death March use Magic Edge on their teeth to eat hard, tough monster meat.

  2. This is what i mean, this dude says that he knows about world history and whatnot but it seems that his knowledge is limited to asia, cuz you know it always superior…fuck

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