Realist Demon King – 86

The Demon King is a Great Minister


And so I decided to arbitrate for Gottlieb and the werewolves in their dispute.


However, I didn’t have any grand plan for dealing with it. I meant to only teach them the importance of the medical team.


And so I called the captain of the werewolves so we could talk.


“Werewolf. I hear that you are unhappy about the honors bestowed after the battle.”


“Indeed. It was us werewolves that contributed the most. And yet it’s the medical team that gets the highest praise. That is not right.”


“Still, you are treated by doctors when you are wounded. Are you not?”


“We werewolves have a Healing skill. Small wounds will heal automatically. And I have never been badly wounded.”


I see. So that was why they didn’t value doctors.

In that case… I had Eve prepare a meal.

A variety of dishes were laid out on the table in my office.

Mutton, pork, beef. And everything else.

There were pizzas dripping with cheese and a mountain of sweet cakes.


“Wh-what is this?”


The werewolf asked with a gulp.


“A manifestation of the gratitude I feel. Also, I hope that it will make up for any feelings of being overlooked.” 


“I am honored. However, does this mean you will not change the decision?”


He asked with undisguised disappointment.


“Yes. And you will find out why, soon enough. Now, eat.”


The werewolf brought the food to his mouth with a sour expression, but once he tasted it, his eyes widened. ‘What is this?’ he said as he began to eat faster.


Apparently, he had taken a liking to the food that Eve had prepared.

It was like watching a child excitedly eating a favorite meal.


“Is it good?”


“That would be an understatement. Do you always eat so well, Demon King?”


“Generally, yes. Of course, not quite this extravagantly.”


In fact, I preferred to stick to appetizers and bread outside of the main dish.


“Incredible. I envy you.”


The werewolf said. It did not take him twenty minutes to clear the table.

I was impressed by the appetites of werewolves.


This seemed to have improved his mood greatly, and he left without mentioning the issue again.


Eve cleaned up his mess and asked me,


“Was that part of your plan, Master?”


“No. To be sure, he would be satisfied if I fed him like this every day, but that would cost too much. I have a different plan.”


And I took out a vial from my breast pocket.


“In fact, I mixed some of this special concoction into his food.”


“What is it?”


“It’s a drug that will rot his teeth.”


“Oh, I see.”


“I made it quite by accident when putting ingredients into the Klein Bottle. I didn’t think it would be very useful, but here we are.”


“But, what use will a werewolf with cavities be?”


“You’ll find out soon enough. Just watch him.”





The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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