Realist Demon King – 86


Eve bowed. And then three days passed.

The werewolf captain held his cheek while overseeing the training of his men.

His subordinates looked at him oddly.


“Captain, what is it? You’ve been holding your cheek all of this time. And you’ve been in a bad mood recently.”


The captain became angry.

“Silence! It’s nothing!”

Of course, it was something.


The werewolf captain had a cavity. However, he was unable to tell his men. And this troubled him.


What should he do?

After being tortured by this dilemma for three days and three nights, and unable to sleep, he finally headed to the dentist in town.


It was there that he was first treated. When the dentist removed the rotted tooth, the werewolf’s problem had vanished.


The expert technique of the dentist that kept the pain at a minimum was something that the captain could not help but be impressed by.


“Doctor, that was wonderful.”


He praised the dentist and shook his hand. And that is when he realized it.

The importance of doctors.


It had only been a cavity, but if he was wounded more heavily in battle, it would be the doctors who treated them. And the doctors never knew when a stray arrow would hit them.


They were out there desperately saving lives in places where their safety was not assured.

When the werewolf realized this, he thanked the dentist with tearful eyes.


The dentist was very confused by all of this. ‘Please take care of your teeth from now on.’ He said as he gave the captain some painkillers and then sent him home.


After that, the werewolf made no more complaints about the honors bestowed on the medical team.

When Gottlieb heard about it, he said, 


“That Astha reminds me of a great minister. His skill will become useful when uniting the continent.”

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  1. Error:
    And yet it’s the medical teal that gets the highest praise. -> And yet it’s the medical team that gets the highest praise.

    Thanks for the treat.

  2. Weren’t all of the werewolves complaining about this issue? Getting one to change his opinion doesn’t seem like it would solve the problem.
    Even if he’s the leader of the werewolves I would think it’d be hard to convince the others with just words.

  3. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    [He praised the dentist and shook his hand. And that is when he realized it.

    The importance of doctors.]

    This looks so cliched. This turn of events is as predictable as a children’s book, or maybe that one side story chapter from Gate: JSDF where that beastman guy got cavities and praised Japan’s medical system after removing his aching mouth pains.

    [And yet it’s the medical teal that gets the highest praise.]
    • teal —> team

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