Realist Demon King – 87

Kotaro’s Trick


And so the problem that had erupted in Ashtaroth Castle was solved.


There were many other duties I had to attend to in expanding the castle. And it was during one such busy day that a knock could be heard at my door.


Judging by the way the person was knocking, it wasn’t Eve.


However, Eve was the only person who was allowed to come here without permission.


I glanced at the long sword on my desk as I told the person to enter.

I was surprised to see who it was.

Because it was someone I didn’t know at all.

The person had brown skin and wore an outfit that could easily be described as undergarments.


The woman, who looked much like a dancer, entered the room.

“So, is this the room of Ashta?”

She asked.


“Aye, it is.”


She said that she was relieved.




“Well, I am glad that I wasn’t sent to a frightening demon, that is why.”


“But I am a demon.”


“Oh? Is that so? But you look very human.”


“That’s what they all say.”


Toshizou would often joke about how I didn’t resemble a Demon Lord when I wasn’t wearing black.


Regardless, what was this woman doing here?


“Yes, it was in fact, Mister Hijikata who sent me here.”


“Toshizou did?”


“Yes. He said that the Demon King must have a lot of pent-up stress. And so I was paid to help relieve you of it.”




That Toshizou. He often insisted that a Demon King should be a womanizer, but I didn’t expect him to go to this extent.


However, she was beautiful.

Well proportioned and sensual.

Her dark skin was quite lovely. Like a black crystal that had been melted and turned into a doll.


Had I not been a strategist king, I would have allowed her to take me to the bedroom, and probably end up with my throat slit.


Well, he would probably just press the kunai to my neck.


This man was just trying to test me. He wasn’t trying to kill me.

That was what I believed.


“Fuma Kotaro. I don’t mind your regular testing of me, but you must stop using seduction. You know what will happen if Eve or Jeanne were to witness it.”


Upon hearing this, the woman began to laugh.


“Very good, Demon King. You saw right through me.”


“I’m a very cautious man. And I knew that you were the only person who could get through my tight security. The process of elimination, really.”


“I see that you hold me in high esteem.”


“Yes. You are a Hero who is at least worth more than his weight in gold.”


“I’m not worthy of such praise. However, I have often found it strange that you do not allow women to come near you. Surely you are not satisfied with just Eve and Jeanne?”


“Maybe you shouldn’t assume that every king wants a harem.”


“But I have heard the Demon Kings gather beautiful women as a show of their power.”


“If I had money to spare for such ventures, I would spend it on my army.”


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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