Shatei Kyokufuri – 7


It felt like I was finally being recognized in the game as an archer.

“Well, I might as well continue training.”

This last fight had presented me with a new problem.

I wanted to be able to attack enemies from far away. And I was sacrificing attack power and endurance for range.

Of course, this meant that enemies would want to get up close and attack.

And so I would have to be sensitive to approaching enemies in order to deal with them.

Concentrate and detect every presence outside of my own…

You know, just close your eyes and the enemy will appear in your mind and…

“As if…”

Even though our avatars had physical abilities that exceeded our own, I doubted something so inhuman was possible.

Not without a special skill.

In this case, being sensitive to approaching enemies meant listening carefully to sounds and movement around you.

The spider earlier. It had made rustling noises as it moved… The sounds of leaves brushing against it.

Had I been listening carefully, I wouldn’t have panicked and fallen from the tree.

Well, part of it was due to my hatred of spiders…still.

It would be better to practice on the ground instead of in a tree.

A lone, weak-looking player like me was an attractive target for enemies.

And so I would detect them quickly and kill them before I was within range of their attacks.

The first thing that appeared, were wolf monsters… A whole pack.

Damn it. This was kind of bad?

They clearly saw that they had the advantage in numbers, and they didn’t even try to hide as they came.

This wasn’t so much practice, but a complete disaster.

But then again, if I managed to kill all of them here, wouldn’t that mean tremendous growth as a player?

Both in terms of level and experience.

“Come and get me. I’m ready.”

This game emphasized action.

Levels and skills were important as well, but calm and calculated play…was what would get you out of dangerous situations. It was how you moved.

This old man would make it out while looking cool and rugged.

My first shot sent a confidently howling wolf to the ground.

It went through its head, destroying it in one hit.

Alright. If I could one-shot them, I had a chance!

Now they were enraged, and the pack charged towards me.

Simple movements.

Don’t be afraid. Just shoot.

One, two, three… Chip away at their numbers.

Then the pack split into two.

Damn it. I was going to be attacked from both sides.

What to do?

Attack from one side? Alternate between the two…?

It might be best to try to take out one side as quickly as possible.

My accuracy will suffer if I keep having to change direction.

Still, it wasn’t easy targeting a wolf that was running from right to the left, but I somehow managed to take down the three that were on that side.

The remaining wolves on the other side were getting close!

My arms were starting to shake…

Calm down. This was just a game. Enjoy it.

There was no penalty for dying at this stage. The only thing that will hurt is my pride.

“Still, what man wouldn’t fight until the end.”

Kiriririri…shu! Zhunk!

Right before its fangs reached me, I managed to shoot down the last one.

I let out a deep sigh. My knees were shaking.

Even though I told myself I was just enjoying a game, clearly the rest of me didn’t think so.

The wolves felt so real. I was afraid that if I didn’t stop them, I would be torn apart and eaten.

And yet, I had won.

I had survived.

I was so happy that I shivered.

So, this was virtual reality… This was why it was so popular all over the world!

—Beep! You have acquired a new skill, ‘Immobile Sniping Stance.’

◆ Reason for acquiring

‘Immovable Sniper.’

Killed many enemies from afar without moving.

[Immobile Sniping Stance]

If you do not move for over 30 seconds, your range will be tripled.

However, if you attack while this is activated, you will not be able to move from your position for the next 30 seconds.

“Thi-this is kind of amazing?”

The description was longer and more detailed than usual.

However, my eye was immediately drawn to ‘tripled range.’

I had to put this to the test immediately!

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  1. imagine going onto the plains and suddenly seeing all monsters dying at random from arrows coming from nowhere
    then in the nearby city people see a archer firing into the horizon xD

  2. Yeah, there is no way that archers would be unpopular. Even if it is hard (lol, he aced it right away), people play first person shooters though it is hard. There are archers and gunners in real life. WTF? And being able to act from a long range? That’s the most important stat in games.

    Also, the wolves started from about 50-60 m away, since that is the range of his bow. Wolves take about 3 seconds to run that distance. He shot down about 10 wolves in 3 seconds? I just want to say, not even my characters in ARPGs have that attack speed, let alone a person playing a VRMMO.

    • yeah but since the wolves would be low level enemies for beginners they probs nerfed the actual speed of the wolfs so that you could actually hit them because even if you had a full party of each class (except maybe guns dont know how they work in this system) pretty much no one could hit them except maybe a mage with a wider range spell though I dont know if they would have access to any non targeted spells yet, because of slow reaction speed of being couch potatoes and other reasons such as reaction speed, combat thinking, general chaos and being unprepared for the attack as a beginner would likely be except for people with similar play style as mc for needing to know when enemies are getting close because of lack of attack power at close range as well as speed shooting which would probs be remedied by a speed shooting skill for range later on.

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