Tensei Kenja – 145



‘Hmm. There aren’t any others…’




‘No one comes out!’


‘But, we’re here!’


An hour had now passed since we started looking for a friend.


During that hour, we got 50 new monsters.

But…among those 50…well, 50 were slimes…


So we had more mouths to feed but had not tamed a single monster to carry the food.

….Well, as I was killing monsters I couldn’t tame, we were gathering more meat, at least.


‘We’ll look for just a little while longer. Then we’ll give up for the day.’


It was taking too long, and the sun would start setting soon.

And I felt that it would be too dangerous to search for monsters in the dark.


However… This Cockatrice must be incredibly rare.

I was searching through the place with all of these slimes and had yet to find one.


‘Do you have any useful scouting abilities?’


‘I don’t!’


‘Me, neither!’


I had thought that they might have something up their sleeve, but apparently not.

Well, they would have already used it if they had something.


‘…Hmm, this is hard.’


Flying and scouting.

Things I couldn’t do with magic.

The books I had used to learn had countless spells in them…

But not these two.


In that case, I would have to use something else instead…

As I was thinking this, I remembered something that the guild receptionist had said.


This Cockatrice monster used poison.

And I could use poison detection magic.

Perhaps I could use it to find the Cockatrice.

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  1. I don’t think that’s how poison detect works. Maybe it will find victims of that bad bird? Anyway, it seems that dangerous spot even has slimes, now that makes it a great place.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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