Tensei Kenja – 21


“Hey, could you touch the Dryad for a second.”




One of the slimes touched her.

And then I activated the magic.


‘Magic Transfer–Energy Transfer.’


Just as the magic activated, the magic energy in my status started to decrease.

After some time, my energy dropped to about half and then stopped.

Then the Dryad tilted her head.


‘I, I feel lighter now…Mister Human, you said energy transfer…did you mean…’


“Yeah. They said you didn’t have enough energy, so I used the slime to send you some. …Do you feel better now?”


‘Yes! Thank you!’


Dryad said with a laugh.

So it did go well.


“Alright, I’m going to go to this place where ‘the bad people left something.’ I’m assuming something has to be done about it?”




And then the Dryad rushed passed me and left the cave.

It seemed that she was less cautious after the ‘Energy Transfer.’


After that, I arrived at a corner of the forest where the damage was especially bad.

No, it wasn’t exactly a forest.

This was because all of the trees and plants in the area had died, and it was a wasteland.


In the center–was something that looked like a big, black magic stone.

So I just had to throw it away somewhere or destroy it.

That’s what I thought as I walked up to it and picked it up.


‘Ah, wait!’




The Dryad called out just as I picked it up.

…Was there a problem?


As I wondered this…the Dryad looked at the magic stone I was holding and then muttered in confusion.


‘Wh-why are you able to touch it…?’

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    • Dude, jabrie just picked up this novel. Previous translatior did like a chapter in 5 month and no updates for a month for now.

      Wait, it will take two-theee week to catch up with manga

      • I think he’s talking about how chapter 20 of the novel is about 4 chapters of the manga… not the translation speed.

    • It’s because we are waiting for the events per chapter. Plus, in a manga, they don’t have to write out every single detail since they just draw it. It’s like how an anime episode can have several manga chapters in it.

  1. The novel seems to have a decent to fast pace, yet since I read the manga first, it still feels slow. Well, got to speed up reading:D
    Thanks for the translation, it’s really well done!

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