Tensei Kenja – 59


Suddenly, a burst of immense magic erupted from the area that the Blue Dragon of Delight was in.

As the slimes were no longer close to it, I could not see the dragon…but I knew that it was the source of this power.

The slimes probably had a natural instinct for these things, and so they ran away.


–But that wasn’t the only change that occurred.

Along with the explosive sound, the surrounding trees were torn from their roots.




‘Oh, no! Proud Wolf! Hurry!’


‘I’m going as fast as I can!’


The slimes were coming towards me as if to escape the blast.

In spite of the tension in their voices, it seemed like none of them had been harmed.


Fifteen seconds later, the sound of the explosion reached my own ears.

Considering the time lag, it was was probably the same sound I had heard from the slimes.


…How big of an explosion was it…

I would have probably died if I was close to it.


A crater had been created by the blast. And a single dragon hovered over it.

—It was the Blue Dragon of Delight.

However, it was at least twice as big compared to when I first saw it.


“Am I too late…?”


The priest had said that we only had 3 days.

And that was 2 hours ago.


I should still have a chance.

I wanted to believe…but that hope started to fade ever since I saw the explosion.


However, it was too late to run away.

If this was the dragon from the myth, it could destroy a continent in 3 days.

If I wanted to outrun it, I would have had to start running on the day I arrived in this world.

Of course, it was impossible.


In the myth, an ‘Emissary’ had defeated the dragon. But there was no such person in this world.

Even if we somehow escaped to another continent, that continent would be the next to be destroyed.


‘Yuji. What are you going to do?’


‘Fight. There is nothing else to do.’


It looked like a futile battle, but there was one hope.

This shortsword that the priest had given me.


Combining this shortsword with Hellfire of Death might just be enough to kill the dragon in one shot.

…That is, if I could somehow pierce this 30 cm blade into the giant dragon that was currently floating up in the air.

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  1. Seems it’s time, time to hunt a big flying lizard. While I’m somewhat interested in the backstory for all the events happening, the mystery is also nice.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you, take care, and have a great day!

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