Tensei Kenja – 81


“No, it’s still in season and they are strong to the cold… But monsters have wrecked our fields. And they don’t grow them in neighboring towns. So if the last of our fields are ruined, then we won’t have any until next year. But Lishia leaves are half the reason that this town’s food is so good.”



So it was monsters who were damaging the plants used for this dish and putting it in danger?

Mere monsters were hurting the plants that were the reason that Rikardo’s food tasted so good?



Extinction it is.


“So, what are these monsters called?”


“Greedy Boars. These monsters usually don’t appear around here. But the cold seems to be affecting the behavior of different monsters these days.”


“…I see. By the way, I’m assuming there would be no problem if I annihilate them?”


I asked, just to make sure.

If getting rid of them entirely would affect the ecosystem, I could leave at least 10…no, maybe just 3.


“Annihilate? …I wouldn’t say no to that. But they are not weak monsters. And there are many of them. I don’t think it would be possible.”


“Well, I’ll just do what I can then. I’ll start by monitoring the area and protecting the Lishia leaves. …Uh, what do these leaves look like?”


“This is a Lishia leaf. …I’m grateful that you want to help, but don’t push yourself too hard.”


He said as he showed it to me.

…Alright. I knew what they looked like now. I just needed to protect the field where they were growing and then kill every single one of the savage monsters hiding in the forest.


‘Did you all hear that?’


I asked the slimes.

The slimes understood human speech, so they should have caught everything.


‘Yes! …These bad monsters are eating all of the good leaves, right?’


‘Exactly. …So, you know what to do?’


I asked and the slime nodded.


‘Beat them!’


‘Kill them!’




They seemed a lot more enthusiastic than usual.

The slimes felt anger over the destruction of the fields of plants used for delicious food just as humans did.

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  1. Lol, a semi-automatic defense system volunteered itself (themselves?) because of food in the form of leaves…

    I mean, they normally like eating leaves, so why wouldn’t they like eating the leaves that are so tasty that they’re considered to be good enough for human consumption?

    (Note: I say it’s only a *semi*-automatic system because he still has to cast the magic himself, but he can do so while lying around in bed, chopping up more wood, eating, chatting, picking up girls, or even while taking a bathroom break. He might well be able to figure out how to do so when sleeping if he looked for such a spell)

  2. Ya know, it’s kinda startling to have those cute slimes screaming ‘Beat them!’, ‘Kill them!’, ‘Annihilate!’, ‘Offer their blood to the Blood Gods!’. Just felt like their personalities will gone bad or something in the future.

  3. Some monsters are eating the leaves used in the food, “Fine. Extinction it is.” from both Yuji and the slimes. Ah, this is why I like this novel 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you, take care, and have a great day!

  4. 🤣 my first thought was that the slimes had eaten the crop of leaves and we’re angry they couldn’t eat anymore / only limited amounts. Thank you for the chapter ❤️

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