Tensei Kenja – 88


…Apparently, they thought Hellfire of Death was a meteor.

But it was good that they didn’t know it was me.


‘What about the people who saw us?’


‘Kill them all. I don’t care if it looks a little unnatural. Now that the ‘Curse Source’ is destroyed, there is no reason for us to stay in this village.’


‘As you command!’


That was the conversation that I overheard.

…Leaving these guys alone seemed like it would result in innocent deaths.


‘Surround the village so they can’t escape. …Not too close to the wall. About 1 km away.’


If we caught them as soon as they left, then the enemy would notice us.

And so I thought to cast a wider net…




‘Actually, we already did!’


Apparently, the slimes had already finished surrounding the village.

In fact, the slimes had been scattered around the area already, so they just had to fill in the holes.

This was possible because I had so many slimes…


I thought of this while trying to decide what method of attack I should use for the Blue Moon of Salvation.

Now that I knew all of the residents here were members, there was no reason to hold back.


Using Hellfire of Death and just destroying the entire village was one way.

I had already used it once today, but with my current HP and MP, it would not be difficult to use it again.


But…that should be a last resort.

This entire village was their base.

It would not be strange if there was something inside.


For instance…they could have a shelter that was able to withstand Hellfire of Death. That would mean I would have to fight them after all the MP and HP depletion.


That was something I had to avoid.

It would be suicide to take on the Blue Moon of Salvation without being able to use magic.

And so I did not want to use it if possible.


So then…


‘Alright, slimes. Go inside of the buildings and gather anything you can find! If you see a bookshelf, take the whole thing!’

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  1. Lolz, ‘hands up, it’s a slime robbery’ 😂
    I wonder if Yuji remembers he might have some spells for capture. Like sleep inducing, stunning, paralyzing, etc
    Anyway, them slimes are doing serious and maybe even horrible things, but feel adorable still. Thumbs up for them.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation as always! God bless you!

  2. Thanks for the chapter! I’ve been binging this novel since chapter 1 and didn’t stop until now… Keep up the good work mate!

  3. What I see:
    Now:”If you see a bookshelf, take the whole thing!”

    What I am expecting:
    Later: “Let’s read all the books.”
    Shortly after that: “it seems my HP & MP stats are both 6 digits and I can cast 20 Hellfire of deaths before getting a headache.”

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