Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 27


The next day, the two decided to stay another night. Then they went out into town. While it was a strange thing to ask the inn they were staying at, they asked about other inns where a lot of humans were staying or inns that were popular.


As there were a lot of adventurers and merchants there, the inns seemed to crowd the blacksmith district. But they were also told to be careful when choosing a place, because there were also a lot of rough people.


They went around to different stores during the morning in order to find the store that the shopkeeper in Garonce had told them about. There they were able to sell most of their mermaid scales.


“These kinds of materials are quite rare for this inland capital. And mermaids usually don’t sell their scales. Thank you for bringing them!”


The shopkeeper was overjoyed. They were a sign of goodwill from the mermaids, but there was too much for them to keep carrying. They were sold for ten thousand gil per piece. And they had over two hundred of them. Of course, they kept a few as souvenirs. But now they were overloaded with money, and so they went to the merchants guild to deposit it. They were able to use their names, ‘Maki’ and ‘Chiharu’ for the accounts and no one knew they were the Saintesses.


While it was still too early for lunch, they could not resist trying some of the snacks that were being cooked in front of the stores, and so they bought some. It was like a crunchy cracker. Not super sweet, but the taste of slightly burnt flower was the most appetizing and they felt that they could keep eating. But they ended up just sharing one cracker.


After that, they went to see the inns in the blacksmith district. They walked for a while, searching for the slightly expensive inn that was recommended. Oh, there it is!


It was a great two-story building, with a large entrance hall with comfortable-looking wooden sofas. There were stairs in the front, and to the left side was a counter where they received guests. There was a large door to the right that was opened and connect to the dining area. The second floor was for the rooms.


“Do you need something?”


An elderly person, who appeared to be an employee, asked them.


“Ah, uh, we wanted to eat lunch at a nice place.”

“I see. It will not be cheap. Are you sure?”

“Yes, it’s fine.”

“Then come this way.”


Maki looked at Chiharu. Yes. Good. They weren’t treated carelessly just because they looked like children.


The dining hall was large, and the tables were covered in white tablecloths. The building was a typical dwarven structure made of wood and gave an overall bright impression. They were led to a table.


“Here is the menu.”


They were handed the menu. Oh! They could pick their own food. Maki and Chiharu looked through it carefully. They were far from the sea, so the only fish here was trout. But there was a wide variety of meat.


“I’ll have the light fish course. My sister will have the mutton course.”

“And do you want any drinks?”

“I’ll have some elvish white wine. My sister will have a glass of red wine.”

“Very good.”


While it was a course, it was light, with ham and vegetables, light soup and dessert. Maki’s trout was covered in a citrus sauce, and Chiharu’s mutton had a berry sauce. This went very well with the wine.


There was something about these ordinary children eating fish and mutton in so good-mannered a fashion that caught people’s attention.

Most people would think that they were nobles in disguise.


“Let’s choose this place.”

“I agree.”


The inn they were currently staying at was nice. But they didn’t need Norfe and Chouze any more. They would act tomorrow. It was time for plan B.

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  1. I keep wondering how the bank system in this world works. I can’t believe identification is done simply on name basis (as this chapter would suggest), specially when the world has no second or surnames. There’s bound to be hundreds of people with the same name in the world, even if it’s just the human nations.

    I know this is nitpicking on such a light-hearted novel but it still bugs me.

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