10 Years After – 102


Shia, Serulis and Nia bowed.


“No, thank you.”


As we were now a party of four, I was able to accept the quest smoothly.


The four of us plus one wolf left the city and headed for the place that the goblins were supposed to appear.

A merchant who had been traveling near the main road had been attacked by them.

The merchant had managed to escape and come to the guild for help.

Goblin hunting near the main roads was the responsibility of the state, and so the quests did not pay much.



Grulf was so happy to be outside, that he started to run excitedly.


“Grulf, calm down or you’ll get tired.”



We weren’t far from where the goblins usually appeared. We would arrive before midday.

Still, that was enough time for him to get exhausted.


While Grulf was full of excitement, Nia looked very nervous.

Perhaps she didn’t realize it, but she was constantly touching the sheath of her sword.


“How long have you had combat training, Nia?”

“Uh, half a day everyday. I train in tournament style matches.”

“From what age?”
“As far back as I can remember…”


Shia said with a laugh,


“We start at the age of three in my tribe.”

“From three. So that means Nia has trained for five years.”


“Well, while you shouldn’t let your guard down, you don’t have to be so nervous.”

“Yes, I will do my best!”


She was putting too much pressure on herself already. However, all Adventurers were like that in the beginning.


As we walked, Shia would occasionally stop.

Then she would take out a map and have Nia find our current location.

She was teaching her the very basics. That was a good thing.


“Nia. Where are we now on this map?”


“Why do you think that?”


She wanted to know honestly what her sister knew and what she didn’t.

Shia was a good teacher.


When we got close to the place where the goblins would appear, Shia started to teach her about scouting.

She would look at the footprints and make guesses about their number and type.

Serulis and Nia listened as they watched from behind.


Grulf was also behind her, and his tongue was sticking out as he breathed heavily.


“Grulf, are you tired already?”


“Grulf. Drink some water.”


I took out some water from my magic bag and put it in a bowl in front of Grulf.

He drank it happily as I patted him on the back.


“Grulf. You never know what might happen on an adventure. So you have to be careful not to waste all of your energy.”



Perhaps it was because he had not gotten enough exercise recently.

I would have to make sure from now on that he had long walks every day.

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