10 Years After – 105


“Yes. That is correct.”

“Is there something important here?”

“It has historical and cultural value, it does.”

“What about magical value?”

“Not that kind.”

“I see. We humans tend to cherish things with historical or cultural value as well, so I understand you.”

“Gahaha. So you do understand!”


The dragon seemed very happy at this.


“And yet there are even some dragons who do not understand. But you people are not only strong, but you have an understanding for culture and history!”

“We do. That being said, not all humans are like that…”

“Gahahaha! That is just like us dragons then.”


“Then it is my good fortune to have met humans like you. My name is Kathe. Tell me your names.”


“I am Shia.”


“I’m Nia.”



Grulf stood behind me and barked.

His tail was still between his legs. He was really scared.


“This is Grulf.”

“Is that so.”

“Kathe. Do you want to conceal this ruin?”

“Yes. I was planning on doing it after cleansing it of goblins.”

“Well, since I’m here. I’ll do it for you.”


And so I cast some light concealment magic.

The spell made it so that goblins and humans would not be able to see it, but dragons would.


“Thank you, Locke. This is good magic. Better than my own.”

“Don’t mention it. However, you should stay away from the royal capital. Humans can be cowardly, so they might send an army to come and hunt you down.”

“Hmm. I will be careful… However, many ruins have been attacked recently…”

“There are other dragon ruins near the capital?”


“And how many of these ruins were attacked?”

“This ruin is the first out of the ruins that are close by.”


That was a relief.

Still, there was a possibility that they would be attacked in the future.

And it would be very troublesome if a great dragon came down every time.


“If you ever have to hunt goblins near the city, tell me and I will do it for you.”

“Would you really?”

“Yes. It might cause an uproar if you should do it yourself. However, we will need a way to communicate. You can use a signal fire.”

“A signal fire?”

“We have to decide on a color too. How about red?”

“I do not mind. But does it have to be a signal fire?”

“No, just as long as you can contact me.”

“I see. I will think of a way then. So I can contact you beforehand.”


After that, Kathe thanked us repeatedly before flying away.

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  1. Its quite rare to have humble dragon like this one…
    Usually dragon is arogant bunch that thinking with their muscle, not brain… Tho this one is idiot as well…

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