10 Years After – 106


“OOOOOO! Ruff-ruff!”



Grulf also added his howl to Shia and Nia’s voices.

When they were done, Grulf looked at me smugly.

Shia and Nia also looked somewhat refreshed.


As they enjoyed the sensation of having shouted, Serulis looked towards the cave.


“Concealment magic is amazing. I can’t even tell where the cave is anymore.”

“A good Sorcerer will still be able to find it, but a Warrior might have trouble.”

“I suppose so. Oh, we haven’t dealt with the goblin bodies yet.”

“They burned up by the dragon breath.”

“Oh, right… It’s a good thing we collected the magic stones first.”


Had we not done that, the mission would have ended in a failure.


“Well, let’s go back then.”

“We are freed from the work of dealing with the bodies!”

“It’s nice and easy.”


And so we all started to walk towards the capital.

After walking for some time, Nia came up next to me.


“Mister Locke! Mister Locke, are you a Magic Warrior? They say that you are the strongest F-Rank Warrior.”

“So you haven’t told her, Shia?”

“Yes. I didn’t think I should tell anyone your secret without your permission.”


Shia was a very serious girl.


“I see. Thank you.”

“No! It’s the obvious thing to do.”


Shia’s tail wagged happily.


And so I turned to Nia and said,


“I’m registered as a Warrior at the guild, but my real job is a Sorcerer.”

“Really! But it’s amazing that you were able to control the dragon like that!”


Nia’s eyes were bright. I felt as if she had immense respect for me.


“Mister Locke is the strongest Sorcerer.”

Serulis said proudly for some unknown reason.


“Was this not the first time you’ve fought against a dragon, Mister Locke?”

“Yes. I have beaten dragons before.”

“How many have you beaten?”

“Hmmm. I have beaten three of them solo. And as a party, I would say around ten. But there are even more that we forced to surrender, like today.”


Stronger dragons tended to be intelligent. You could talk to them.

And so it was quite common to find a solution through talking, once you have shown your power.

And through the information network of the dragons, things tended to head in a positive direction over all.


“That’s amazing!”


Nia’s respect seemed to deepen.


“It really is.”




Serulis, Shia and Grulf all looked at me with admiration.

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