10 Years After – 112


“Sorry that it was so sudden. Lord Gerberga. You’ll have to come inside, now that we’ll be flying.”



And Lord Gerberga came off of my shoulder and into the breastplate.

By then, Grulf had also caught up with us.


“Grulf, get up here.”



Grulf sat down. I understood why.


“Grulf. You want to wait here? I think you should come with us. You might be attacked by vampires if you stay.”



Grulf howled loudly.

He was probably trying to muster up the courage. And then he jumped onto Kathe’s back.


“Are you all on now?”

“Yes. You can move.”

“Leave it to me.”


And with that, Kathe flew up into the sky.

Nia squeezed my hand tightly.


“So-sorry. I’m just a little scared.”

“It’s fine. You can hold my hand as much as you want.”

“Thank you.”


Nia smiled.

But her tail was not moving, so it was likely a forced smile.

Grulf was also very scared.


He didn’t bark like he usually did, but whimpered like a puppy.

Not only were we high in the sky, but we were riding on a fearsome monster’s back.

He shivered and pressed up against me.


“Don’t worry.”

I petted him with my free hand.


Kathe looked very pleased and said,


“Gahahaha. I have never flown with humans on my back before.”

“I see. That’s nice. So, did the goblins take over some ruins again?”

“Yes. Exactly.”


Apparently, Kathe had went around casting concealment magic on ancient dragon ruins after discovering them.


“They already have concealment magic cast on them from long ago. But time tends to weaken them.”

“So you are going around and strengthening them?”

“Yes, exactly. It’s dragon magic, after all. Goblins wouldn’t able to get in unless it had weakened considerably.”

“That may be true, but there’s a possibility that someone is going around and deactivating them too.”

“GAHAHAHA! That person must be very bored indeed!”


If there was someone bored enough to go around casting concealment spells.

Then there very well could be someone who goes around deactivating them.


However, I’m sure Kathe would only say that it was done for the honorable purpose of preserving important cultural assets.

It was not the same as someone who went about deactivating them for fun.


Kathe sounded a little sad now.


“Even dragon magic becomes weak after thousands of years.”

“You can’t help the passing of time.”

“Gahaha! It is especially convincing coming from someone who can’t live long.”

Kathe said merrily.


And so I asked Kathe,


“So, this time it was your own spell that was broken?”

“Yes. But it was my first time casting concealment magic… So perhaps I did something wrong.”

“That’s unusual. Dragon’s are supposed to be good with magic. But even monkeys fall from trees sometimes.”

“I am very ashamed of myself. And so I would like you to see it later…”

“I don’t mind.”

“Because the concealment spell you cast before was amazing!”


Apparently, Kathe had cast intruder detection magic as well as concealment magic.

And the intruder detection magic had caught something. It was probably goblins.


“And so I decided to call you, Locke.”



Kathe didn’t do this maliciously. In fact, the dragon looked obliviously smug.

But we would have to have a good discussion about methods of contacting me later on.

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