10 Years After – 116


“Even if I run my fastest… It will take at least three days just to reach it…”


That was a relief. So it wasn’t Eric’s palace that he was talking about.

After all, an Arch Vampire could run to Eric’s palace in a matter of hours.


Of course, that is if you ignore certain factors.

Such as guards and the barrier.

Still, it would not take three days.


But I will have to ask which palace it was. Though, asking it too bluntly will make me look suspicious.

Because the vampire I was supposed to be would know all of this already.


I dropped my head on the ground. Of course, it was an illusion.

It rolled on the ground, splitting away from my body.



“Ah, the invader cut off my head earlier. That is why I was delayed in rescuing you.”


I said as I picked up the head and put it back on my neck.


“Is that so. How horrible.”


The vampire said, understandingly.


“But it has confused my memories a little…”

“I see.”

“And so I wish to ask you something… What is this ruin used for?”

“Yes. It is an ancient dragon ruin. And we were going to use it to manufacture the Fool’s Stone.”

“…Ah, I think I remember that now. Sorry. I was confused.”

“No, ask me anything you want.”

“Hmm. Thank you. And where is this…device that makes the Fool’s Stone?”

“It is in the next room.”

“And it has not been destroyed?”

“It should not be.”


So this place was quite important.


“I see. That is good. And are there other devices like this elsewhere?”

“We are desperately searching. But only a few have been found.”


So there were others.

There was just one last thing I wanted to know.


“By the way, where is this palace that the mirror was connected to?”



Perhaps I had gone too far with that question.

I tried to make an excuse.


“My brain seems to have been damaged from the blow.”

“I see… That is most unfortunate.”

“Indeed. I feel like I am on the brink of remembering it.”

“It is the seat of our Most High King.”


Most high king? That seemed higher than a High Lord.


“And who is that?”


The vampire rushed at me just as I asked the question.

I reacted immediately, and his head rolled on the ground. He glared at me.


“You… Are an imposter…”

“Took you long enough.”

“Memory-loss or not, it is unfathomable for you to not know our Most High King.”

“I see. That’s good to know.”


I said before killing him.

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