10 Years After – 12


The only people who could open such gate were demigods. Devil Kings.


10 years ago, we had fought and wounded the Devil Kin and pushed him back.

And so the Devil King had escaped into that place between our dimensions.

All we had done was jump through the door when he had opened it.


That was why Eric and Goran could not come back to save me after running away.


“This place between dimensions is…”


Shia explained to me.

A path to a different world. That is what the place between dimensions is.

Beyond the place between dimensions, lives the god of the dark ones.


“The god of the dark ones, huh.”

“Yes. The devils are only the vanguard of this god of the dark ones.”

“Is that right.”


It was a frightening story.

They had been so strong. How strong then, would this god who was behind them be?


The Vampire Head began to shout.


“Yes, exactly! You should live in fear. Once our God descends, this world will become ours.”

“Then you should just have the devils open a gate instead of collecting curses in this little medal.”

“Mister Locke, 10 years ago… It is said that the Hero Ruck, killed almost all of the devils.”

“I see.”


Indeed, I did kill a lot of devils. I even killed the revived Devil King.

Perhaps so many of them had been sent because they wanted to open the gate between dimensions.


“We do not care for these devils who do not even attempt to open the gate. We will summon our God with our own hands.”

“I see.”


The gate would not open because of all the devils that I killed, and they had lost patience.

If that was the case, it was definitely worth fighting there for 10 years.


“So then, that attack 10 years ago by the Devil King was about…”

“That is right. The Devil King came here as a vanguard for the god of the dark ones.”

“But the Heroes pushed them back, right?”

“Yes. The Hero Eric, Warrior Goran and the Hero, Saviour and Great Philosopher Ruck pushed them back. And so the god of the dark ones never appeared.”


I was a little embarrassed that my title was so long.

The Vampire Lord’s head laughed.


“I gathered many curses in that medal. It will only take a few more for the door to open.”

“So that’s why it felt so ominous.”

“The other Vampire Lord’s will come to retrieve that medal now.”


Shia’s face tensed.

It would be difficult to protect the medal regardless of the time of day if they were attacked by Vampire Lords.


“Yes, you should live in fear! Know that you will never feel tranquility ever again.”



I cut into the medal with the Devil King sword. The sword converted the curses into magical energy and absorbed it.


“What, how… The curses…”

“This is a pretty useful sword.”

“That sword…no…the Devil King’s Magical Pander…”

“Never heard of it!”


I then swung the Devil King’s sword into the Vampire Lord’s head.

And the head immediately turned into ash.

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  1. Oooppss, the vampire lord almost reveal Ruck’s identity, so he slash his head, hope shia did not hear anything

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