10 Years After – 13


“Of course. That is why it is my second job.”


The combination of Warrior and Scout was very effective.

Whether you were in a party or going solo, you could do a lot.


Thanks to Shia’s sharp sense of smell, we were able to smoothly locate the remaining goblins and kill them.

There was a tendency for the stronger goblins to gather towards the back of caves.

And while there were no Goblin Lords, there were hobgoblins.


After killing about ten of them, Shia said:


“I doubt there are any more goblins around here.”

“You can tell from the smell?”

“Of course, I can.”



After that, we did a final sweep of the caves, just to make sure, before leaving.


“I shall also be on the lookout for goblins on my way back.”

“That’s good. I’ll be careful as well.”


Shia’s nose continued to sniff as she talked.


“By the way, Mister Ruck. Are the two who came with you alright?”

“They should be fine. Ario and Josh are very careful and reliable for F Rank Adventurers.”



Shia suddenly fell quiet. She looked at me hard.


“What is it?”

“Just now, I addressed you as Mister Ruck, not Mister Locke.”



I didn’t know what to say. I had to trick her somehow.

Shia was nodding as she continued.


“Now that I really look at you, you do resemble the statue of the Hero Ruck.”

“N-no, I don’t.”

“Yes, you look a lot like it!”


Just how did I look like that statue?

I wasn’t nearly as handsome. Even Goran had agreed with me there.


“So Mister Locke, you really are the Hero Ruck, then.”


“There is no need for you to hide it now. The very fact that you wield the Devil King’s sword means that you cannot possibly be anyone else.”

“Well, about that…”

“I understand. You have a reason to conceal it, don’t you? You saved me, Mister Ruck, so your secret is safe with me.”


Shia believed it completely now.

At this point, it would be best to admit it and have her stay silent about it.


“Very well then. I will admit it. I am Ruck.”

“…Of course, you are.”


Shia’s expression seemed to say, ‘as if I didn’t know?’


“However, I am hiding my identity due to reasons…”

“I know that as well. I will guard this secret with my life.”

“Uh, you don’t need that kind of resolve for that.”


It’s not a secret to wager your life on.


If Shia’s life depended on it, no, even if it wasn’t so serious, I would be fine with having it known.

I explained this to her very clearly.

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    • well think of it this way.
      currently only a select trusted few know that ruck is alive
      imagine if it was WIDELY known
      many in power would try to “acquire” or “eliminate” him through various means including war.
      this man faced and defeated an army of devils all alone including the devil king himself
      think of it like this

      a walking nuke

      you want to obtain it. after all if you have it none can oppose you. anyone that tries you can completely annihilate. you can crush any rebellion, conquer any kingdom, live how you like, and act as you please.

      you want to dispose of it. after all there is no telling what damage it will do if left unchecked and if you obtain it there is no telling when it will turn on you or if some idiot will piss it off.

    • Yes, he does. After all, that statue in the plaza and having the official currency named after him is embarrassing.

      …just how to say that to her…

  1. Well guess I will be dropping soon since this clingy biťch will probably start following him, tch what a waste of a good novel

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