10 Years After – 139


“That is important too. But do you have any information on the dark ones who have infiltrated the kingdom?”

“I’m sorry. We don’t have anything yet.”

“I see.”

“The privy council is doing everything that they can…”

“We haven’t found anything at the Adventurers Guild either.”


Kathe listened to this as she hugged her tail.

She patted it with both hands and then said,


“Hmm. You humans sure have it rough.”

“We do.”

“But things are not so complicated for us. You can count on me.”

“Thank you.”


Kathe chuckled smugly.

Just then, Milka jumped to her feet.


“I know! I shall put on some tea!”

“I will help you!’

“Uh, me too!”


Milka, Nia and Luchila dashed off to the kitchen.

My apprentices were hard workers.



Lord Gerberga hopped onto my lap.


“Hello, Lord Gerberga.”

I said as I petted him.


“He is so cute.”

Kathe seemed to have taken to him as well.

She started to pet him from the side.


What was Grulf doing now?

I suddenly wondered and searched him. He was in the corner of the room.


“Grulf. Come over here.”


“Are you still afraid of Kathe?”



He barked, then approached us as if to prove that he was not afraid of her.

And so I petted him.


“You are quite cute too, Grulf!”


Kathe said as she petted him. Grulf tensed up immediately.

I guess he really was scared.


“Grulf. You don’t need to be scared of her.”


“Exactly. I am not scary at all.”


So saying, she picked Grulf up off of the floor.

Even as a human, she was incredibly strong.




Grulf barked with surprise.

While he was still a puppy, he was almost the size of a horse.

He did not have much experience when it came to being picked up.


“Ah, you are so fluffy.”



But Grulf seemed to be rather happy about being carried.

His tail wagged.

I guess they were friends now.


“Kathe, you should probably sleep here before going home.”

“I am rather tired…I think I will… But, are you sure?”

“Of course.”

“I am glad to hear it!”


The small wings on Kathe’s back began to flap in the air.

I hadn’t really noticed it until now, but she had wings even when in human form.

Her tail was also moving.

She was probably fighting the urge to start bashing the floor. But this wasn’t her house, so she had some restraint.

She was a very polite dragon.


“I brought the tea!”

“And I brought the sweets.”


Milka, Nia and Luchila came into the room with the trays.

Kathe drank all the tea and ate the cakes.


“It’s delicious! I would expect no less of your house, Locke! I would not have been able to sleep if I was hungry.”


She said happily.

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