10 Years After – 140


“Tama, have you been putting on some weight?”


“He definitely looks better than before…but still has a way to go.”


Philly was also worried.

Tama was a loyal dog.

Even when he wasn’t being fed and was not allowed to see his family, he stayed by the mansion.

And this was when the mansion was overrun by dark ones.

He was worried about Philly, and had stayed out in the rain in the garden.

He was a dog that deserved respect.


As I petted Tama, Kathe approached me.

Kathe was carrying Grulf with both arms.

She was incredibly strong.




Grulf looked at me with pleading eyes.

Kathe ignored his cry for help and said,


“You sure have a lot of dogs here, Locke.”

“…Well, they are in the same family, I guess.”

“Grulf is a wolf.”



Shia said. Kathe tilted her head to the side in puzzlement.

To Kathe, there was hardly a distinguishing difference between a wolf and a dog.


“Grulf is a spirit beast wolf. So he is like a distant, distant relative for us.”


Shia was a fifteen year-old B-Rank Adventurer and vampire hunter.


“It might be better to not carry him so much, as Grulf is so big.”

“Is that so?”


Kathe put Grulf down on the floor and started to pet Tama.


“Grulf is cute for an adult, but this Tama puppy is also cute.”

“But Tama is not a puppy?”


I said. Kathe looked very surprised.

Though, it was understandable that she might think that.


“Is that so?”

“Yes. Grulf is a wolf pup and Tama in an adult dog.”

“Oh, how strange.”


She said as she petted him.


“That bird is also quite cute.”

“Lord Gerberga is the God Fowl.”

And so I told Kathe of Lord Gerberga’s greatness.


“So Lord Gerberga is very important!”



Lord Gerberga hopped onto my shoulder and fluttered his wings.

This was his way of hiding his embarrassment.


“Lord Gerberga, you sure are energetic today.”

Said Serulis as she picked him up.

Serulis was a new Adventurer who had the combat ability of a B-Ranker.



Lord Gerberga became quiet when Serulis held him.


“Dinner is ready!”

Just then, Milka’s voice rang through the door.

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