10 Years After – 144


Eric said with a gentle smile.


“Your Majesty, I have nothing left to wish for.”

“That’s fine then. Well, it doesn’t have to be now, either. Let me know if you think of something later.”

“Thank you.”

“Or you can tell Ruck, if that’s easier.”


Eric said with a laugh.


When everyone was finished eating, the mansion’s door bell began to ring.

It was just as I was washing dishes with my apprentices.


“Oh, a guest. I will go answer it since I’m not doing anything!”

“Don’t open the gate, alright?”

“I know!”


Milka went running.

Milka’s main role was to cook the food.

And so she didn’t have to wash the dishes.


As we washed the dishes, Nia said,

“I wonder who it is?”

“Well, since it is morning, it could be urgent.”

“That would be very troublesome.”

Lord Gerberga rested on Luchila’s shoulder as she washed the dishes.


Milka quickly returned.


“Mister Locke! Mister Locke!”

“What is it? Calm down.”

Milka looked a little frantic.


“Someone with wings and a tail has just arrived!”

“…Uh, someone like Kathe?”

“Exactly! But this one is an old gramp!”

“You shouldn’t call someone that if they are a guest.”


I left the rest of the dishes to Nia and Luchila and headed for the gate.

I could see that there was a man standing on the other side.

He was dressed like a noble and was very tall.

Even taller than Goran, who was much larger than average.

And I could also see his thick tail and small wings. Just like Kathe.


(He’s probably a dragon. But then again, dragons who can become humans are incredibly rare.)

I thought as I reached the gate.


“Sorry to keep you waiting. I am the lord of this house. Locke.”

“I am truly sorry to disturb you at this early hour. I am Kathe’s father, Dorgo Celestia.”

“Ah, Kathe’s father!”

“You have been most kind to my daughter.”

“No, it is we who have been helped.”


I opened the gate.


“Please come inside. Then we can talk.”

“Thank you.”


Kathe’s father was surprisingly modest.

He was the previous Wind Dragon King.


And what business could he have with me?

I was just a little bit nervous.

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  1. Oh possible talks about marriage? Some obscure dragon rule about a female sleeping in a mans house or something? Maybe the act of riding on ones back (giggity) plays a role?

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