10 Years After – 150



Now that I think of it, he had not been registered.


“Even dad couldn’t get inside, huh.”

“At first, I thought that there was no way I should not be able to go through if Kathe had created the lock. But it made sense once I found out that it was you who did it.”

“That is nothing to be embarrassed about, dad!”


Kathe said happily.


“Oh, I am not embarrassed… I am truly sorry…but if you could also register me to that door…”

“Well, we must do it immediately then. Let us head over to the palace right now.”

“Thank you! I will take you there myself. You must ride on my back.”

“What! Ruck should ride on my back.”

“No, he should ride on the father’s back.”


“Kathe, you already carried him before, haven’t you? Don’t you think you should let me have this one?”


After much debating, they agreed that I should ride Dorgo.


“I will write you a travel permit for the gate.”

Eric said as he began to write.

This was a temporary one, as the official ones took time to issue.


And so we left the city and moved away from the walls.

There, Dorgo transformed into a dragon. He was even bigger than Kathe.

Then I got onto his back and rose into the air.


“Well then, here we go.”

“Thank you.”


Dorgo’s speed was intense.


“Ahaha. To think that the day would come that I would fly while carrying you, Mister Ruck! It is the greatest honor.”

“No, thank you.”


We reached Kathe’s palace in no time.

Once we were there, it was easy enough to register Dorgo to the door.


“It’s finished.”

“Thank you so much. I will now take you back to the city.”


After taking me back to the capital, Dorgo then flew straight for the water dragon settlement.

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  1. Roricon Knight, the water dragon next ruler was described as “too young” and “she”, so she is a loli. This book could always use more lolis.
    As for Kathe, of course she is.

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