10 Years After – 151



Grulf ran happily.

As his master, I could not allow him to beat me the first time. And so I ran at full speed.

I picked up the stick before Grulf did.



“Oh, you want a rematch?”



We repeated this game several times while resting occasionally.

Once in a while, I would let Grulf win.


“Ahhh, you’re so fast…hahaaaahh…”

Serulis’s shoulders were heaving as she caught up with us.

Throwing the stick and picking it up had resulted in us running a considerable distance.


“Grulf isn’t a normal wolf, but a sacred beast. So he is fast in spite of still being a pup.”

“You really are fast, huh?”

Serulis said as she patted him on the head.


“You shouldn’t push yourself too much, Serulis.”



Grulf ran around Serulis happily.

Perhaps he had remembered my warning, because he refrained from pouncing on her.


“But you’re even faster than him, Mister Locke.”

“Well, he’s not quite grown yet.”

“What about daddy?”

“Goran is probably faster than Grulf as well.”

“I thought so…”

And then Serulis said,


“I will have to train more then!”

“That’s good, but you shouldn’t be in such a rush either.”



Grulf barked in agreement.

And then he began to run around again.


“Mister Locke. You become stronger if you fight in places where the mana is thicker, right?”

“Generally, that is the case.”

“In other words, the more monsters you defeat, the stronger you get?”

“Yes… But, don’t do anything crazy, alright?”


Monsters released mana when they were defeated.

And being exposed to it made you stronger.


“Mister Locke, you became stronger in the place between dimensions, right?”

“Why do you think that?”

“Because weren’t daddy and uncle Eric just as strong as you ten years ago when you first defeated the Devil King?”

“They were.”

“Daddy and Eric have become stronger since then… But it seems you’ve become even more stronger…”

Serulis was likely right.


“Yes. The mana was very thick in that place. And since I was sucking their life force with Drain Touch, it is likely that I absorbed a lot of mana in the process.”

“I see…”

“But you will become stronger without being exposed to mana if you train. Being exposed to mana won’t mean much growth if your body isn’t prepared.”

Serulis nodded understandingly.


“Magic stones…”

“Magic stones?”

“Hmm. But what if I were to eat magic stones instead of doing my training?”

“…That’s no good.”

“But why? They are blocks of mana. So shouldn’t I become stronger if I gobble them up?”


If it was that easy, everyone would be strong.

I had tried it myself a long time ago, and it had no effect.


“Well, those have been crystalized. They are too stable. The only thing that will happen is that they will plop out of your butt.”

“I see.”


As we talked about this subject, Grulf continued to happily run in a circle around us.

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  1. after all this, pretty sure every dailies chatting they do would have something important on it in the future arc/chapter…
    -no more goblin request = goblins got exctinct is good thing, but as monsters that has high vertility, goblin is like a rats, its impossible for them to gone so quickly, so yeah, Dark Ones probably behind it….
    – eating Magic stones = probably some idiots try to do this with more dense, unstable magic stones and go berserk, hoping Serulis not gonna do that

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