10 Years After – 152


He was clearly disappointed. He had likely expected us to buy something he could eat immediately.

Next to him, Tama was sitting patiently.


“Now, let’s make some lunch!”


Serulis was very enthusiastic.

Shia and I helped her as she made the food.


I also made some for Lord Gerberga as well as Grulf and Tama.

Grulf paced back and forth in the room the whole time.


When the food was almost ready, and a delicious smell wafted through the house…

“Oh! I completely forgot about it!”

Milka came running in a panic.


“Did you finish your studies?”

“Yes. We finished just now.”

And then she went to Serulis.


“Sister Serulis. I’m so sorry.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it.”


And then we all ate the food that Serulis had made.

The beasts also ate their food ravenously.

As the person who had been in charge of their food, I was very happy.

Grulf ate especially fast. It was probably because of how much exercise he got.


“Philly. So you were teaching them today? Thank you.”

I said as we ate.


“Yes. I thought that we should get an early start!”

“And how were they?”

“Let me see… They were all quick to learn. I think they are fantastic students.”

Milka, Nia and Luchila all looked embarrassed as Philly praised them.


“I’m very sorry that I forgot to prepare lunch.”

“Don’t worry about that. Prioritize your studies.”


“Yes. I’ll cook if I happen to be here. And if I’m not, you can go out and buy food after your lessons.”

“I can go and buy the food with you!”

Philly offered. But she was being targeted by the dark ones.

I told her this and asked her to be careful.



I looked to the side and saw that Grulf was sleeping on his back.

I suppose he became sleepy after eating so much.


Serulis looked at him and smiled.


“He must have been so tired.”

“Grulf’s still very young, after all.”


If he were human, I would have put a blanket over him.

But he was a wolf, so it would probably be too hot.




Lord Gerberga tried to approach the sleeping Grulf, and so I picked him up.


“Let’s let him rest for a while.”



Lord Gerberga also closed his eyes sleepily.

Tama was also being petted by Philly and looked like he wanted to sleep.

Perhaps it was time for the animals to take a nap.


As time passed blissfully like this,

“I’m back!!”

Kathe’s loud voice suddenly rang from the front door.

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