10 Years After – 153


“That’s true. It would make more sense to have them protect the barrier of the dark god or the medal that collects curses or the items that break the divine barrier. Those seem more important.”

“I see. You might be right.”


Kathe listened with interest.


“If they can sacrifice the water dragons, they would have achieved their purpose. Maybe they are right at that point now.”

“So their plan is moving along very smoothly then.”

“What a frightful thought.”


Kathe said with a nod.


Just then, a bell rang.


“I’ll get it!”

Milka said as she dashed towards the door.


“You don’t have to open it if you don’t know who it is.”

“I know that!”


The person who had visited was Dorgo.

Like Kathe, I had made it so that Dorgo could enter through the gate.

Still, he had bothered to ring the bell.

That was very much like him. Always polite.


“Locke. I’m sorry to bother you.”

“I’m glad you came.”


Philly and Tama got up and moved to a different bench.

I suggested that Dorgo take a seat. He did so and then said,


“Oh, you’re here again, Kathe.”

“Not just me. You are here too, dad!”

“Oh, nevermind.”


Then Dorgo looked at me.


“I have talked with the water dragons.”

“And what were the results?”

“They would be glad to accept your help, Mister Locke.”

“That’s a relief.”


Dragons were a proud species, and it was said that they did not accept the help of humans.

But now we would finally be able to focus on the protection of the water dragon settlement.

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