10 Years After – 156


“If it’s too much…”

Princess or not, it was hard to deny a child after being asked like that.


“Very well. Leea. And please call me Ruck. Or even Locke.”

“Thank you! Ruck!”


Of course, I would not do it in front of other subjects.

I didn’t know much about dragon culture, but that was how it was with humans.


“Ruck. Please come this way. I want to show you the settlement and the palace.

Leea said as she took my hand.


“Everyone, please follow me!”

She said as she started to walk.


And like that, we moved out of the large room with the teleportation circle.

In front of us, there was a wide and long hallway made of stone.


“It’s very big.”

“It is because water dragons live here.”


Dragons were big. And so they needed a big place to live in.


“This is amazing.”

“There’s so much space.”



Shia and Serulis were also surprised.

Grulf was sniffing everything in sight.

I was worried. I had to stop him before it was too late.


“…Grulf. Don’t go around marking things, alright?”



I didn’t know if he understood me or not, but his tail was wagging vigorously.


“This is an unused building that is close to the water dragon palace!”

“I see.”


I looked around with much interest.

It wasn’t just big, but there were lots of small details. Each pillar and each wall was made with great skill.


As I looked around with awe, Kathe said,


“Ruck. Don’t you have to cast your spells on the magic circle room?”

“Oh, right. I should do it quickly. Leea. Would it be alright if I cast protection magic on the magic circle room?”

“Yes. Thank you!”


I had Leea’s permission, and so I started to cast the protection magic.


“Oh, wow!”

Leea said as she watched.


“It’s just ordinary magic.”

“It’s still amazing! I am so happy to be able to witness magic from the famous Ruck!”

“Right? Ruck really is amazing.”


Kathe said, very proud for some reason.

I cast magic on the walls, floor, and ceiling.

Now no one would be able to break inside.

Even a rain of comets would not be enough.


“I should also have everyone registered to the lock.”


I had accidentally locked Dorgo out of the Wind Dragon Palace.

And so I had everyone registered before I forgot about it.

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