10 Years After – 170


“It was those times when Miss Shia, Miss Serulis or Miss Nia would help us.”


As they talked about this, Leea started to pull at my sleeve.


“I did a lot too.”

“Really? That’s amazing.”

“Yes. It was quite impressive.”


Kathe agreed. Apparently, Leea had fought as well.


“You think so too, sister Kathe?”

“I do. I do.”



Then Leea said,


“Serulis, Shia and Nia also did so well for being so small.”

“Well, dragons and Vampire Lords aside, lesser and arch vampires are no match for the likes of them.”

“Exactly! It was amazing!”

“But you did well too, Leea?”

“Yes, but I am big. Shia and the others are small but amazing.”


Leea was very impressed by them.

After that, Kathe and Dorgo flew away and I returned to the mansion.


Milka was waiting for me there.


“Welcome back! Will you be eating breakfast?”

“No, sorry. I already ate.”

“I see.”


Luchila, Lord Gerberga, and Tama also came out.


“How was it?”



Lord Gerberga flapped his wing and flew into my arms.

I hugged him tightly.

Tama ran in a circle around me. I petted Tama as well.


“I would like to tell Philly as well, so can you gather everyone together?”

“You want me to call Master Philly? Leave it to me!”


Milka ran off.

Everyone quickly gathered together in the drawing-room.


Milka, Luchila, Lord Gerberga, Philly and Tama.

And then Shia, Nia, and Serulis joined us.


And so I explained to them what had happened the previous night.

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  1. i thought Ruck will be op. but the last chapters shows that he is still a human and has weakness.
    i wonder how he will grow in the future chapters.

    thank you for the translations~

    • I am wondering how he survived that battle against the demons and demonking in the dimensional rift for 10 years now.
      After every demon should be at least as strong as a Vampire Lord and he was fighting hundreds or thousands of them at the same time.
      Furthermore he had to deal with the demon king, too, and that one should have been far stronger than any vampire or evil dragon (including the Vanpire’s Most High King and that big evil dragon from the previous night’s battle).

      So for Ruck to struggle against these enemies actually seems kind of forced from the author after what Ruck has been through in the dimensional rift.
      He should be far stronger or he would not have survived the fight against those demons back then.

    • From what I remember, Ruck used a magic/life leeching AOE spell when he fought the demons in the rift, something he can’t do in this incident since it would indiscriminately drain from his allies as well.

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