10 Years After – 173


“Now that I know it’s so late, I’m starting to get hungry.”

Just as Philly said this, her stomach started growling.


“True. I am hungry as well.”

And so Philly and I followed a servant to the room where Refi and the others were.

We needed to pick up Grulf, Tama and Lord Gerberga.


When I entered the room, I saw Tama relaxing.

He was lying on a comfy looking bench.

Eric’s oldest daughter, Charlotte was sitting next to him and petting him gently.


And Grulf was lying on the floor.

Eric’s wife, Refi was petting him.


Eric’s youngest daughter, Marie was holding Lord Gerberga.

Lord Gerberga was very quiet and still.


“Thank you for taking care of them.”

“Oh? Are you leaving already?”

Refi said with a look of remorse.


“Were Grulf and Tama being good boys?”

“Yes, very good.”

“I see. That’s a relief.”

“Aren’t you going to ask if Lord Gerberga was a good boy?”

“There is no such thing as a good boy or a bad boy when it comes to the God Fowl.”

“That may be true.”


Refi said with a laugh.


“So, have you found anything useful?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“I’m glad to hear it.”


Marie walked over to us while holding Lord Gerberga.


“Grand Duke. Hello.”

“Your Highness. I hope you are well.”

“Lord Gerberga played with us.”

“I see. That’s very nice.”



Lord Gerberga was in a good mood.

Charlotte also walked towards us. Tama followed her.


“Philly. Tama was very good while you were away.”

“I am sure you are exaggerating, but thank you.”


Philly bowed politely.

And then Refi said to her,


“Philly. You should go to the room next to this one.”

“Yes. Is there something there?”

“Your parents have been called here. I thought you might like to talk to them.”

“Your Majesty. Thank you so much.”


Philly’s parents, Marquis Mastafon and his wife were living in the palace.

They helped the privy council in their investigation of the vampires.


And so Philly took Tama and went to the next room.

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