10 Years After – 179


Milka said as she woke me up.

It felt so soon. I felt as if I had hardly slept at all.


“Thank you, Milka.”


Grulf stretched on top of the bed.


“Serulis and the others are back!”

“Ah, I see. I better hurry.”



I hurried down to the drawing-room.


“Mister Locke. We’re back.”


Serulis, Shia and Nia had all come back safely.

I was quite relieved.


“I’m glad that you’re all well. How was the magic tool?”

“Yes. It made things much easier! I was able to resist the Charm of a Lord.”

“That’s wonderful.’


Philly also nodded happily.

“Well, it was made by Philly and Locke, so it’s no surprise that it was effective.”


I then inspected Serulis and the others.

Their armor was not broken. However, there were lots of scratches.

They must have been through a lot of intense battles.

I would have like to hear more about it.


And all three seemed a little changed, but Nia seemed especially different.


“Nia? Have you grown taller?”

“I don’t think I have that much.”

“I see. You seem different. You must have been through quite a battle.”


I said, and she looked embarrassed.

On the other hand, Serulis looked very serious.


“Well, there is a reason that we have returned.”

She declared boldly.


“Did you find the enemy base then?”

“We did! The beastkin wolves are really incredible!”

“But we are not sure yet.”

Shia reminded her.

Even if the information wasn’t confirmed yet, it was very valuable.


“Tell me about it.”

Serulis nodded and began to talk.

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