10 Years After – 18


Serulis chomped on her food and said,


“Mom is out because of work. So he’s using this opportunity to bring you in the house.”

“That’s not true.”

“And to think that I believed daddy wouldn’t do something like that.”


Tears were forming in her eyes as she chewed.

Goran had said that his daughter refused to talk with him now.

Maybe this was the reason for it.

It wasn’t because he objected to her becoming an Adventurer.


Serulis must have been lonely after her mother left the country for a long period for work.

And then her father had brought in some stranger into the house.

He was abnormally happy and then worried visibly. And seeing this, she had assumed that I was a child from an affair.


The butler looked at Serulis and said gently,


“Miss Serulis. Lord Goran would never do such a thing.”

“He even forced you to lie. Daddy must pay for doing such a thing.”

“No, I am not lying.”


The butler tried to defend Goran, but Serulis would not back down.

If Goran really had brought in the child of an affair, the butler would have likely covered for him.

And so it was no surprise that Serulis would assume that he was lying now.


Serulis wiped away her tears and looked at me.


“So, are you my older brother?”

“I am not.”

“Yes, so you are my younger brother then.”



I sprayed the table with milk once again.

That was an incredible leap in logic right there. I was shocked.


“You can call me sister if you want.”


Serulis said. I wasn’t even sure what to say anymore.

However, it was not good to lose your calm. I quietly wiped the table and said,


“Don’t you think that that is just a little too ridiculous?”

“Not really.”


I may look young, but who grabs a 40-year-old man and claims them as a younger brother? It was very off-putting. This could not continue.


If she won’t believe me, I would just have to show her my Adventurer’s card.


“Here, look at my Adventurer’s card.”

“…F Rank Adventurer. Warrior. Locke.”

“See. It doesn’t say Morton anywhere.”


Of course, my card had some information hidden. But normally, it was not possible to change what was displayed.

If you didn’t have a family name on your Adventurer’s card, it was safe to assume that you didn’t have a family name.


“So that means daddy doesn’t recognize you?”

“…No, that’s not what it means.”

“But he’s the one who is at fault, not you. As your sister, I will convince him to recognize you officially.”


“You think that mom will be against it? Hmmm. She probably will be upset. But leave it to me. I will persuade mom as well.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“Life must have been so hard for you. But don’t worry, your big sister will take care of you now.”


Serulis had a strong sense of justice.

It was a virtue worthy of praise, but in this instance, it was a huge pain.


Maybe she just wanted a younger brother. She had become one now and was running wild.


“No-no-no-no-no-no!! Calm down and listen. I’m really not Goran’s child.”

“You’re even worried about inconveniencing him. But, you should inconvenience him just a little for what he did.”


I gave up on trying to persuade her. Instead, I deactivated the magic on the card.

It was very difficult to activate and deactivate the magic.

But it was easy for me.


I looked Serulis in the eyes.



“Can you keep a secret?”

“You want advice? Yes, as your sister, I will keep your secrets safe.”


She was completely deluded now. This was bad.

I think Goran also tended to be delusional some times.

I guess they were similar in that respect.


The Morton family was in serious danger.

And my identity was not important enough to stay hidden when my friend’s household was on the line.


“Alright, then look at this.”


I showed her my Adventurer’s card. Serulis froze.

Now all of the magic was deactivated.

The long, embarrassing titles and jobs were there.

Great Philosopher, Our Saviour, Great High Sorcerer, S Rank.

And my name, Grand Duke Ruck Locke Franzen.


“Wh-what does this mean?”

“That’s what it means.”




Serulis asked me twice. She was so confused.

I waited for her mind to settle.


“So as you can see, I am not Goran’s son.”

“…So, you aren’t.”


Finally, Serulis admitted that I wasn’t.

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  1. I think the next she say will be…

    1. U dun look the same as the statue


    2. U look younger than I thought… It is as thou u are same age as me… *blush*… By the way, is it true that I don’t have wife and kids… *getting redder*… If u don’t have, can u…
    Then she dash of the room.

  2. I feel like the person which stopped translating at chapter 17 did it on purpose like Realu such a hilarius chapter and not posted 🙁
    Oh well thank you for the chapter!

  3. “I’ll keep my secret identity to myself.”

    First woman he met: Busted.
    Second woman he met: Told her himself.

    What’s this? Western spy movie?

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