10 Years After – 180


“Sorry, but I have to take Grulf on a walk.”

“Okay! I will go too then!”

“Me too!”


Leea and Nia said they would come too.

The others would go on ahead to the palace.

This was so they could start explaining things to Dorgo and Eric if they arrived first.


I talked as I ran.

“Grulf. We’ll have to return before Eric and the others arrive.”


“So we won’t be going very far.”


Grulf didn’t seem to be listening, and he was already running far on ahead.

Leea ran after him and seemed to be having fun.

Her long tail was wagging.


On the other hand, Nia seemed to be struggling to keep up.


“Nia. Don’t push yourself too hard.”

“I’m fine!”


Grulf was young, but he was a spirit beast. That meant he was very fast.

As Nia was a beastkin wolf, she was faster than human children.

But not quite as fast as Grulf.


“Grulf. Go a little slower.”



After running for a while, we returned to the mansion.

By then, there were about ten water dragons following us.

“Ah, Mister Ruck! What is the matter?”

They would say and then start following us.



“Nia, are you alright?”

“I’m fine!”


Grulf saw that Nia was out of breath and looked at her with worry.


“Here is some water.”

Leea said as she brought some.


“Haaa…haaa… Thank you.”

Then Nia and Grulf glugged it down happily.


“And for you too, Mister Ruck.”

“Thank you.”

I also drank some water. The water from the water dragon settlement always tasted good.


“You sure are fast, Leea.”

“I am good at chasing people!”


She said as her tail wagged up and down.


“Hm? Do you play tag, Leea?”

Kathe asked her.


“Kathe, sorry for calling you so suddenly.”

“It’s fine. I didn’t have anything to do.”

“I…see. Where’s Dorgo?”

“Dad will be here soon.”

“In that case, we should wait inside the palace.”


We entered the palace drawing-room and Grand Chamberlain Morris brought out some tea and refreshments.

We accepted this thankfully and then Eric and Goran arrived.

Dorgo came immediately after.


“Sorry for calling you like this.”

“No, we want all the information we can get. So, let’s hear it then.”


Eric said with a serious expression.

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