10 Years After – 181


“Let’s just assume Eric will carry it for now. How will we split up into defense and attack teams?”

“Indeed… Locke, don’t you think you should be on the attacking team?”

“I intend to.”


This was also important.

They needed a strong enough force to defend the settlement until the other team returned.

It should center around the water dragons.


The issue was with the strike team.

If they all used the magic circle to return, then the shield would be left behind at the end.

And that shield had to be protected at all costs.

So they needed people to protect the shield once most of the team had returned.


“I, Goran, Eric and… If Dorgo could with us?”



I thought about it. Grulf was pretty strong.



“Well, I guess you could come too.”


Grulf wagged his tail energetically.


“I think that I shall go too. I can be a bridge between you and the beastfolk.”

“Me too…”

“No, you have to stay home, Nia.”



Nia said dejectedly.

But she was still a child, so it could not be helped.


“You’re a brilliant and talented Adventurer, but still a newcomer. You’ll have to stay with the others this time.”

“Yes. I will help at the water dragon palace.”


I had wanted her to stay in the royal palace in the city, but perhaps this wasn’t so bad either.


Just then, Serulis said in a strong voice,


“Um, please let me go with you!”



I looked at Goran without saying anything.

It was better that he decided.

Goran folded his arms and closed his eyes with a grim expression.

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