10 Years After – 182


“Thank you. If we were to use a shield that was made of an orichalcum and mithril alloy instead of steel…”

“I see. Yes, that would be lighter without compromising its strength… Still, it will take too long if we had to buy one or search for one now.”

“I have a shield from before that I made as a test. I can bring it to you now. If you wish it…”


And so it was decided that we would use an old test shield Philly had made.


In the meantime, I went with Leea and Grand Chamberlain Morris to inspect the area surrounding the settlement.

As I was sure that Grulf would run around and get tired, I made him wait at the palace.


“I have enhanced the intruder detection magic for now.”

“Thank you.”

“But it might get annoying, as it will detect every little weak monster that gets in…”

“Considering the circumstances, it is no problem. Thank you.”

“However, it cannot detect deactivated magic machines, so please be careful.”

“Yes. We will be very cautious.”


I enhanced the magic and connected it to the bracelets that Leea and Morris wore.


“Thank you, Ruck.”

“You be careful too, Leea.”

“I will!”


And then we returned to the water dragon palace.


“Oh, Ruck. You’re back.”

“Is that the teleportation shield?”

“It is. Pretty nice, eh? I think Philly has a knack for smithing as well.”


Eric held the shield up and swung his sword in the air.

He was testing it to see how it felt.

It was a simple, undecorated shield that was practical and in a beautiful platinum color.


The teleportation circle that was connected to the shield was placed in a small shed outside of the settlement. It was then surrounded by magic barriers, just in case the enemy got their hands on the shield.


Just then, Shia came running.


“I have additional news from the beastkin tribes. It is about the location of the enemy base. They wanted me to tell His Majesty.”

Shia pointed to the place on the map.



“Not only is this area protected by lots of concealing magic, but vampires are crawling all over the place.”

“Well, there is clearly something there. In any case, we can figure that out after we have crushed them. Give my thanks to the beastkin.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty!”


Shia began to talk to someone on her bracelet.

Apparently, the beastkin had them too.

I watched her and then said,


“Well then, we should hurry.”

“I can take you on my back as a dragon.”

Dorgo was fast enough that even if the enemy saw us coming, they would not have enough time to prepare.


“Let’s go then.”

And so it was decided.

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