10 Years After – 19


“I understand. Then I will talk to you like I always do.”


“So, about what I was saying.”

“How did I survive between the dimensions for 10 years?”

“Yes. Daddy said that there were lots of strong devils there. I would think that you would die there normally.”

“You would.”


I gave her a brief explanation.

She listened with wide eyes.


“Drain Touch…”

“Yes, it’s very useful.”

“I wonder if I could use it?”

“Aren’t you a Warrior? Drain Touch is a difficult magic that only devils use. I doubt you could use it.”

“I see. That’s too bad.”


She looked truly disappointed.

After that, her attention shifted to my sword.


“So that is the Devil King’s sword?”

“It is. Want to hold it?”

“May I?”

“I’m not going to give it to you, but you can hold it.”

“Thank you!”


I handed her the Devil King’s sword and Serulis unsheathed it and swung it in the air.

She had great speed and form. As Goran said, she was quite gifted.


And she looked happy as she swung. I was happy to see it.


“It’s big but so light.”

“The materials are probably good.”

“I wonder how sharp it is.”

“It’s very sharp.”


I told her about how I could hack through the walls of the mines during the Goblin Lord fight.

Serulis listened with awe.


After swinging to her heart’s desire, she resheathed the sword and returned it to me.


“Are you a pure Warrior?”

“I am. Just like daddy.”

“I see. Now that I think about it, Goran was exclusively a Warrior.”

“Mister Locke. How can I be strong like him?”

“That’s a hard question.”


Goran was an S Rank Adventurer.

He was a Warrior who had reached a place where mere effort was not enough to take you.


“It will be hard to catch up with Goran. He is abnormally strong.”

“I know that.”

“It will take unusual talent on top of strenuous training.”

“I might not have as much talent as daddy… But I will have to put in that much more effort.”


She was a hard worker. And I wanted to help young people who were trying their best.

However, I couldn’t suggest she take the same road as Goran.


“Listen. Goran’s training involved him repeatedly getting close to death.”



Serulis listened with a serious expression.


“Most of the people who chose the same path as Goran, no, nearly all of them ended up dying before they became stronger.”


“Goran and Eric. And me. We had talent and training, but were also blessed with incredibly good luck as well.”

“You were lucky too?”

“Yes. It was like needing to get a 6 on a thrown die multiple times to avoid death. There were many situations like that.”


Adventurers died easily when luck was not on their side.

Ario and Josh would have died on our last quest if I wasn’t there.

Not only them. But even Shia, who was a B Ranker.

Even if she was B Rank, she would not have been able to fight both a Goblin Lord and Vampire Lord.


“The fastest way is to choose quests that suit your ability and grow slowly. That’s what you should do to become like Goran.”


That was a lie.

Even if you only chose quests that suited you, you could still die.

Just like the last goblin hunting quest, sometimes the guild was wrong.


And of course, even if you continued to do quests that suited you, you would never catch up to Goran.


But Serulis looked to be seriously considering my words.


“Mister Locke, I have a favor to ask.”


She said timidly.



“I want to form a party with you. Is that alright?”


Serulis asked something incredibly troublesome.

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    • It’s covered by the Bro Code and women connected with your buddies:
      No ex-girlfriends
      No sisters
      By extension:
      No daughters
      No mothers

    • Well, he is a 40 y/o uncle or so, tired of fighting, while the girl is 15 and eager to reach the level of her father, his close friend. It’s understandable partying up with her does not stirr his hormones.

      • If I had a daughter I won’t mind if she date my friend, even with the age gap.
        It’s easier to entrust your daughter to an old friend instead of random guy you know nothing about him.

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