10 Years After – 196


“It’s your first time, isn’t it Luchila and Serulis?”


“Oh, yes.”

“Just say if you need any help climbing up.”

“I’m fine!”


Serulis hopped up and pulled herself to the top.

She was strong because she trained every day.


“It’s probably hard for you, Luchila?”

“I’m sorry.”

I picked up Luchila while Lord Gerberga was perched on my shoulder. Then I got onto Kathe’s back.


“Now, you are all on. I am going to fly now so hold on tight to my scales.”


Kathe rose into the air a little slower than usual.

She was being considerate of Luchila and Serulis.


And then she slowly gained speed as she flew.



Luchila clutched my arm in terror.

Serulis also looked very tense as she held on to the scales.

Shia and Nia also looked a little nervous.


“Do you know where it is, Kathe?”

“Of course, I do. I saw it on a map.”


We were traveling slowly by Kathe’s standards. By the time twenty minutes had passed, we could see lots of people below us.

There were probably about 500 in all.

There were old people and children too. It wasn’t just warriors.


“Is that…”

“It is the beastkin tribe.”

“Your tribe is that big, Shia?”

“No, ours is about 100 people… Perhaps neighboring tribes have come as well.”

“They must have come to greet us!”


Shia and Nia smiled.


“I’m going to land now!”

So saying, Kathe slowly started to descend.


Danton stood in front of the crowd of people and waved happily.

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