10 Years After – 200




And so she played with the children. Serulis seemed to enjoy being with children.


“So, Locke. What is it?”

“I want to ask you something, Kathe.”


“Come with me.”


And with that, I took her to the room where Danton was waiting.


“So, what is it you want to ask me?”

“Yes, about that…”


And so I told Kathe that information was leaking from within the beastkin tribes.

Kathe listened to this with a serious expression.


“This is very bad.”

“And so, this thing I want to ask you…”

“You want me to take you to the other tribes?”

“There is that, and…”

“There’s still more?”

“I want you to help me make some magic tools.”


Wind dragons were good with alchemy.

And alchemists were good at making magic tools.


“I do not mind, but… What kind of magic tool?”

“I want to create a gate that uses Magic Exploration.”


It was a magic tool that automatically activated Magic Exploration whenever someone went under the gate.

I wanted to make it so that it would react to Charm.


“I think that would be very difficult.”

“I thought of asking the water dragons for help.”

“In that case, maybe you can make it.”


The water dragons were particularly good at creating barriers.

They had barriers that blocked the dark ones. Perhaps the barrier could be altered to become a magic gate.

With the alchemy of wind dragons and the barrier technology of water dragons and my own magic, perhaps we could succeed.


“If Leea can’t leave the settlement, I was thinking about going over there asking her to teach me.”

“Hmm. That would be good. I will also ask my dad to cooperate with us.”

“Thank you. That would be a great help.”

“I think we should get Philly to help us as well…”

“But Philly is very busy right now.”

“That is true.”


Philly was in the middle of an investigation that the privy council had asked her to do.

We could not ask too much from her.


“Alright, then I’ll hurry up and go meet Leea! We have to make an appointment!”

“Thank you.”

“Leave it to me!”


Kathe seemed very excited about the work at hand.

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Chapter 200!!!

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