10 Years After – 206




After a difficult battle, their synchronized attacks finally resulted in the lord’s head being removed from his shoulders.

Shia was quick to stab the fallen head.


Immediately after, the audience erupted into cheers.



“That was amazing, sister!”


Shia and Serulis looked a little embarrassed at all of the praise from the children and chiefs. 

They both ran towards me.


“Thank you for helping us with our training.”

They both said.


“It was good training for me as well. Thank you.”


Shia and Serulis had been much faster than I expected.

And so it was hard to keep up with them.


“Um, Mister Locke. What did you think while watching us?”

“You two were very good.”


Serulis shook her head.


“No, I know very well that I have a long way to go.”

“That’s right.”

“Well, I guess it depends on who you compare yourself with.”


They were much stronger than before.

However, they were definitely nowhere close to Eric and Goran.

Shia and Serulis had very ambitious goals. But it was good that they wanted to improve.


And so I gave them serious tips on what to change.

Shia and Serulis listened intently.

Even Grulf and Lord Gerberga listened.


Now that Shia and Serulis were done, I move to instruct Nia, Luchila, and the children.

I told them about how they could improve, and they listened carefully.


When training was finished, Grulf started running around in a circle.

His tail wagged furiously.


“You want to go on a walk?”

“Groof! Groof!”


Apparently, he did. Grulf usually wanted to go on a walk in the morning.

However, he had to wait today, because of the training.


“Alright, let’s go then.”



Grulf jumped around happily.

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