10 Years After – 207


And then after an hour, we returned to Danton’s mansion.

Luchila came just as I was giving Grulf and Lord Gerberga some water again.

She was running happily.


“Welcome back!”

“Oh, Luchila. We’re back.”



Grulf raised his head and sniffed at her.

Luchila smiled and petted him with her left hand.

Then she squatted and petted Lord Gerberga with her right hand.


“Welcome back, Lord Gerberga.”


Lord Gerberga raised his head and then jumped onto Luchila’s shoulder.


“Have you had enough water?”



Lord Gerberga buried his head in Luchila’s hair.

He was lightly pecking on her ear. What a baby.


“He seems to have had fun.”


“Mister Locke. Thank you.”

“I was taking Grulf out anyway. And I enjoyed it as well.”



Lord Gerberga turned around and bowed as if to say thank you as well.

And so I petted him on the head.


“Lord Gerberga, you are welcome to join us any time.”



As I stared fondly at Lord Gerberga, Luchila seemed to remember something and said,


“Oh, that’s right. Miss Kathe has returned.”

“That was very quick.”

“And she brought a guest with her.”


Kathe had gone to the water dragon settlement.

She was going to ask them to teach me about barriers.

So the guest was probably one of the water dragons.


“Hmm. A guest.”

“Yes. Someone I have never met before.”


In that case, it was probably Leea or Morris.

And since they were in the mansion, they must be in human form.

So they were either royals or someone close.

While Danton’s house was big, it wasn’t big enough to fit a water dragon inside.


“I wonder who it is. I should know them if it is a water dragon…”


I visited the settlement almost every day for a while.

So I knew all of them.


And so Luchila, Grulf, Lord Gerberga and I all went inside.

Then we went to the room where Kathe and the guest were waiting.

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  1. sooo long, it’s like, the novel starts with a 10 years timelapse, so they refuse to timelapse even a little after that

    we don’t need a complete freaking report of every single day’s mundane activities, get along with the story!

    • Well… just think and be glad that they aren’t going into excruciating detail on procuring Rice, Soy Sauce, and other food items than stop just short of giving you full recipes and cooking directions.

      • while explaining for 6-9 chapter about procuring the ingredient inserting a line saying “in my journey to find xxxx i delve into the depth of the deepest trench, soar high into angel territory, beat a mythical 9 tailed fox, etc” just to report that without giving any action scene

    • It’s a slice of life… it’s more about his relation with the world rather than the plot to save the world. The world saving war with vampires is just to push things forward.

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