10 Years After – 209


“Mister Grulf. Thank you.”



Grulf’s tail wagged as Mors thanked him.

And then Grulf stopped in front of the chief’s room.

So Danton was here after all.


“Thank you, Grulf.”



I patted him on the head. Grulf’s tail wagged happily.

When that was finished, the door opened from the other side.


Danton looked at us.


“Ah, Locke. I was wondering why you wouldn’t come inside.”

“Sorry. I was just petting Grulf, since he escorted us all the way here.”

“Ah, well. That is important as well.”


Danton said with a nod.

Beastkin had good noses and ears.

He had known we were behind the door all along.

And then he had become tired of waiting and come out to greet us.



Grulf pressed into Danton.



Danton petted him as he looked at us.


“And who is this?”

“Mister Mors. A water dragon. I brought him here to introduce him to you, Mister Danton.”

“I am Mors. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Danton Woolcott. I am one of the beastkin chiefs. Please come inside…”


After these introductions, he invited us into the room.

At the same time, he ordered for someone to bring us some tea.


And so we sat down.

Grulf sat next to me and rested his jaw on my knee.

Grulf liked both Danton and Mors, and was able to relax around them.


Mors quickly bowed.


“Thank you for all the help you have offered us water dragons.”

“No, thank you for giving us such a treasured sword…”


Mors and Danton thanked each other.

When it seemed like they were finished, I said,


“By the way, about why Mors came here. He is going to help me create the magic tools that will be installed in this mansion.”

“Thank you so much for that.”


Danton bowed his head to Mors again.

There was a possibility that someone who had been ‘Charmed’ by a vampire had infiltrated the settlement.

And so we would create tools that could detect them.

With Mors and Dorgo helping me, I believed I could make something truly spectacular.

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  1. So, that warning system is great and all, but what if there’s a charmed person who lives there and doesn’t leave, and thus, doesn’t need to re-enter, and sends information out via an ordinary letter sent with some un-charmed merchants (or, if there’s an actual post office, the postal service) to be delivered to some charmed human in another area, who’d pass it on to a vampire?

    The best solution is to hold a mandatory evacuation drill or something, some excuse to get EVERYONE to go through the gate, just to make sure that there aren’t already any inside.

  2. Man think I need a picture of their little group. I keep on getting confused on how big Grulf is. Think he should be this huge animal but can’t seem to get his size down.

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