10 Years After – 214


“It sounds just like that! Right, Locke?”

Kathe said with a big grin.



As I said this, I took Lord Gerberga off my shoulder and put him in my jacket. Then I ran off.


Before leaving the room, I called out to the chiefs.


“Go and check the children!”

“Leave it to us!”


Most of the chiefs were veteran fighters. They understood the situation immediately.

However, Luchila and Kathe looked surprised.


“Mi-mister Locke?”

“What happened?”


I ignored them and ran to the room with the magic tool. There was no time to explain.

Mors was quick and he followed after me.


“It’s an invader, isn’t it?”



I answered simply as I ran.

Grulf was now running with me as well.


The room with the magic tool was in a windowless corner of Danton’s mansion.

We had wanted a room with no sunlight.

So it should have been a room that was difficult to enter.


We arrived in no time. No more than 10 seconds had passed since the alarm went off.

However, there was no one in the room.


“Did they escape?”

“But I don’t see any holes in the wall.”

“Grulf. Smell the room.”



I left Grulf and Mors to search the room and went to check on the magic tool.

It was broken. It seemed like it had been destroyed by brute force.

My impression was that it had been done to stop the alarm.

I threw it in my bag, just in case I needed it later.


“What happened?”

Kathe asked when she arrived. Luchila was not behind her.

She had probably been taken by the chiefs along with the other children.


“A dark one has entered. And the magic tool was destroyed.”

“What! But this is the beastkin mansion!”

“Indeed. This is a matter of great significance.”


It was the mansion of the chief. The last fortress against the vampires.

And so it was incredibly bold of the enemy to come inside.

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